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JDC Season 30 Has Begun

I am happy to announce that Round 1 of JDC's 30th season is now officially underway!

First off, I'd like to personally apologise for the delayed start. I take full responsibility for this happening due to me being disorganised and not making adequate prior preparations beforehand. Hopefully I can make it up to all of you by bringing you a great season! Better late than never, eh?

Round 1 is going to last until next Monday (29th July) instead of the usual weekend changeover in order to compensate for the delay. We've got a fun and straightforward round challenge to kick things off, which will be well worth your while attempting if you're chasing the points!

This brings me to a special announcement regarding this season. We, the JDC team, have decided to add a new rule regarding duel submissions:

All invitational JDC duels (except those under special circumstances such as tournaments) now require at least one member of JDC staff to be present to act as a referee to ensure the legitimacy the match.

Furthermore, only JDC staff are now able to submit and verify these duels.

Submission rules for team games remain unchanged, however.

While this may seem like a radical change, this rule is in effect to ensure that no "fake" duels are submitted and that matches are played fairly. In past seasons there have been several cases of questionable duels being submitted in addition to cases where others appeared to be intentionally "feeding" points to other players. Ultimately JDC is a tournament, and we strive to keep it as competitive as possible, while also being fun and inclusive for all.

You needn't feel put off playing duels however - the best thing to do is to request a "Duel Club" where a member of the JDC team can oversee and submit a number of duels in a single session in one of the dedicated multiplayer servers.

These will be listed as their own event type when they are running, so keep checking the JDC site if you're keen to take part or just want to watch! You can either approach an offical online or send a message to one of us on Discord. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, either.

Finally, huge shout out to Lynx for the amazing logo she made for this season. :)

Thank you for your patience, and I wish you a very happy JDC 30! Best of luck to you all!

JDCE 30 begins!

This post marks the beginning of JDCE 30!

So what do I need to do?

Please organise your matches between your opponents, listed here: https://challonge.com/bdg9qjh0

Also note, that it is a double elimination tournament, so you’re not out if you lose once.

What are the rules for the 2v2 matches?

The 2v2s are to be up till a scorelimit of 5, and a timelimit of 10, with OVERTIME ON (for 24 hours, no ties, only winners). Remember to take screenshots of your matches and to post them also.

How are we meant to pick levels?

Each team has vetoed two maps each, from a pool of 11 levels. Each team is allowed to pick a map of the remaining maps, and announce them simultaneously. You are permitted to pick the colour in your opponent’s map-choice, and whichever player has highest JDC points overall has the choice of which map gets played first. If there is no player with the most points, then have a JDC official to do a coin flip.

Finally, no map can be picked more than two times in the entire tournament by any one team (excluding tiebreakers).

What is the mappool for JDCE?

  • The Astrolabe (vetoed by: AhMo/Lahm)

  • Employee of the Month (vetoed by: Herobrine/Grytmastern, Naps/Lynx, Rag/PurpleJazz, A7med/Batata)

  • Epitome

  • Gauntlet (vetoed by: Krzysiek/Smoke, Lazarro/Hyperion)

  • Hall of the Mountain King (vetoed by: FireRabbit/SuperJazz)

  • Re-Purposed Offshore Platform (vetoed by: Herobrine/Grytmastern, Naps/Lynx, FireRabbit/SuperJazz, A7med/Batata, AhMo/Lahm)

  • Scrapyard

  • Stronghold (vetoed by Rag/Purplejazz, Lazarro/Hyperion)

  • Swingin' Jazz

  • Trigelateral v4 (vetoed by Krzysiek/Smoke)

  • Wicked Wood

How are the matches to be scored?

All matches will be score-based. In the event of a tie (eg. 2-5, 5-2), there will be a tiebreaker round (without overtime), where each team will ban levels 1 by 1 from the mappool until 1 remains. Please note, vetoes are nullified in tiebreakers, so you have a full 11-map pool to play with. Whichever team has the player with most points on JDC will ban a map first, and will also have the privilege of picking team colours. If the tiebreaker match ends as a tie, both teams will play the same map again, but swap colours. Overtime MUST be on the second time (if it comes to it).

Do I submit our matches to JDC?

Yes, you must. Please get a screenshot and submit it alongside your matches. Also please label your levelname with [JDCE] at the end (on both levels if applicable).

GET PLAYING – your deadline to have at least two whole matches done is 04 Aug 2019.

Delayed start to the season

Due to some necessary work still to be carried out on the site, the season is going to remain closed for match submissions until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience/disappoint caused. We are working as fast as we can to get things up and running, and hope to bring you the season very shortly.

Events will still be scheduled as normal, so keep an eye out for further announcements!

JDCE 30 Preliminary Phase

Hi all,

since we have 16 players signed up, the first thing I did was match players who signed up to be with random. This was done by putting the names (on paper) of the six players who asked to have randomly assigned partners, in a hat. If I got any two from the same clan, the whole process was to start again - but thankfully it worked the first time.

The teams (and vetoes) are as follows:

  • Krzysiek + Smoke (Gauntlet & Trig)

  • Herobrine + Grytmastern (EOTM & RPOP)

  • Naps + Lynx (EOTM & RPOP)

  • Ragnarok + Purplejazz (EOTM & Stronghold)

  • Lazarro + Hyperion (Gauntlet & Stronghold)

  • Firerabbit + Superjazz (HMK & RPOP)

  • A7med + batata (EOTM & RPOP)

  • AhMo + Lahm (Astro & RPOP)

The next thing to announce is that there will be a mappool of 11 CTF maps. Each team will get to veto two of these 11 maps, so pick wisely:

  • The Astrolabe

  • Employee of the Month

  • Epitome

  • Gauntlet

  • Hall of the Mountain King

  • Re-Purposed Offshore Platform

  • Scrapyard

  • Stronghold

  • Swingin' Jazz

  • Trigelateral v4

  • Wicked Wood

Further rules will follow - Also, note that it will be a double elimination knockout tournament.

Any member of each pairing can announce vetoes - either by posting a comment or by messaging me directly - and they will be finalised by me adding them to the newspost. The deadline for vetoing maps is 23:59 GMT Sunday 21 July.


JDCE will be returning alongside JDC 30! However, this time with a twist;

JDCE 30 will be a 2v2 tournament, whereby each player must partner up with a player that is NOT in the same clan (or hasn't been for at least 3 months). Please note that there will be NO group stages, as they drag out tournaments too much. Instead, it’ll be a simple knockout format (eg. Single or Double Elimination). Mappool and further rules to follow.

If you are interested in signing up, please write a comment below:

• If wanting to sign up with a pre-selected partner, write “in" followed by your partner's name - and that player must do the same, followed by your name.

• If wanting to sign up and be randomly assigned a partner, write “in with random player".

The signup deadline is 20 July 2019!

EDIT: Signups are now closed - 16 players. :) - Anyone else who signs up will be considered a RESERVE.

JDC 29 Awards

And what a JDC this has been, with A7med snagging the title off Jety, who has comfortably won JDC for three consecutive seasons. Will A7med be able to hold his title as long as Jety? But without further ado, we present to you the awards for JDC season 29!

JDC ChampionA7med4151 points
Clan Cup[GpW]84 points
Duel HeroJety100% duel wins (143:0)
Top SeedJety2 ODT wins
The Real MVPHyperion82% team game wins (14:3)
Life of the PartyJety1550 event points
Round MasterA7med4 rounds won
Bravery AwardSaiko Tirano90% average opponent quality
Casualty SoldierJety1628:170 (9.577) roast:fall
JDC SuperfanA7med319 total matches played
Event RegularA7med & Jety18 event showings
Loves EveryoneA7med32 unique opponents
Obsessive DuellistJety14 duels in one day (on both 23rd July & 24th July)
Inseparable PartnersA7med & Blista17 team matches together
Mr. JackpotsKyro75 points won from betting
Fastest Rabbit AliveSuperjazz6 race rounds won
CommentatorLooney485 characters per comment on average
Beta-TesterJety4 bugs identified
Newbie CrusherJety18% average opponent quality
I Have A Gambling ProblemAnna38 points lost from betting
Stop TryingEmpive59 losses against Jety

It is important to note that JDC 30 is definitely going to see a significant overhaul with major changes to how scoring will work. In the mean-time, we would appreciate it if you could leave some feedback (if any) on this newspost!

I would like to take this opportunity to add that we thank everyone who participated and also to those who helped organise this season, making it one of the best seasons in recent years.

Addressing some scoring issues

I've (re-)deployed a fix for some scoring issues that have been plaguing this season. Some of you have gained some points you should have received but didn't, but overall standings are the same.

Apologies for the delay with this fix; I've had very limited internet access over the past few weeks. Please let me know in the comments if there are any lingering issues.

PS: This fix supersedes one that was announced a few hours ago. This should be of particular interest to Jety, who replied to that one with a further bug report that is hopefully addressed with this fix as well.

Edit: I've fixed a further issue that resulted in some more points being lost (thanks for the report, Jety). Again this does not change the rankings (of the top 10 at the least) but it does give some of you more points.

Final Round

And so begins the final round of JDC 29! It's worth a few more points than normal.

Don't forget to join us for our crime and punishment event tonight!

Pest event postponed

I've decided to delay the Pestilence event until tomorrow evening (20:00 CET) as I have been informed that both the NT game Egypt vs Serbia and the JJ2 Shots Fired live speedrun are both coinciding with the original timing of the event (21:00 CET).

A spont event will be organised tonight in its place at an earlier time, so stay tuned for details!

Round 2 has begun

JDC Round 2 has begun - expect a few changes to scoring this time around! Congratulations to A7med for winning Round 1.

We have been informed of some bugs regarding the scoring in Round 1, and these will be fixed retrospectively as soon as we discover the cause, so don't worry about your points if they seem wrong.

Also, don't forget to join us for our Capture the Flag event tonight! Challenge of the Round & Assassination scores to follow shortly...