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Jazz Duelist Challenge: Elimination

JDCE is a tournament that runs parallel to JDC and provides a proper tournament setup, as contrasted with JDC's free-for-all format. Players sign up at the beginning of the season and play each other a number of times until one player remains and becomes that season's JDCE champion. Winning the championship provides a large number of points to the player's overall score for that season, which can potentially make the difference for JDC's own ranking!

For this season, JDCE will be carried out in two phases:

This season (JDCE 31), we are planning to award a total of 400 points for the winner of JDCE.


The mappool is as follows:

Battle Levels

Battle duels are to be started with no ammo; /r and go!

CTF Levels

CTF duels, are to be started with /ready as a default option, but can agree to start with no ammo (particularly in olctrf.j2l); /r and go - as with the battle maps.

Maps can only be picked once each (per player) in the group-stage. Maps can only picked twice each (per player) in the knockout-stage.


What am I supposed to do?

Check the tournament standings to see who your next opponent is, and challenge them to a duel. There is a link to the matchups and standings HERE!

What are the duel rules?

Players simultaneously pick one map each from the mappool, although you may not pick one of their vetoed maps. Duels are played to 5 points with a 15m timelimit, and with the default health for the gamemode of the map; i.e. 3h for CTF and 5h for Battle. Duels in this tournament are round-based, meaning that if there is a tie you will need to play a deciding third round. Overtime MUST be on for tiebreaker rounds.

You are permitted to pick the team-colour in the map-pick of the opposing player.

The map order is determined by the player with more JDC points.

For the purposes of the group stage, you will not be permitted to pick a map more than once. This rule will reset at the start of the knockout stage, and allow you to pick the map no more than twice.

Settings that must be used:

What are vetoes, and how can I set them?

For this tournament you will be allowed to select three vetoes each. Vetoes are maps (from the mappool) that you cannot be forced to play in by your opponent.

Vetoes MUST be announced before playing your first match, or are considered null. You will have to announce your vetoes on the JDC newspost that signifies the start of JDCE.

Please note, you are ALSO unable to pick any maps that you have vetoed, other than in a tiebreaker.

Can I pick a map from outside the mappool?

Not this time, no.

How do me and my opponent settle a tie?

If there is no agreement on what map to play in a tie, you and your opponent will take turns to temporarily "ban" one map from the ENTIRE mappool (vetoes nullified in tiebreakers) until only one remains; in which case you will play that map. The player who appears higher in the group-standings will be expected to "ban" first. In case of a tie, this will instead go to whichever player appears first alphabetically.

The player who makes the first ban will be permitted to choose the team colour in a tie-breaker round, if applicable.

Overtime MUST be on for 30m in a tiebreaker. If you somehow exceed this 30m limit, you can play a rematch to 1 with unlimited time in the same map, but swapping colours (if applicable).

How long do we have to play our duels?

We expect you to play all three JDCE duels (for the group-stage) within the first two weeks (ending Sunday 21st Jun, 23:59). The tournament starts immediately from Monday 08 Jun.

A further announcement will follow on how long you have for duels in the knockout stage of JDCE.

If you have any extenuating circumstances which mean that this is cannot be achievable in a particular round, please let one of the JDC admins/officials know in advance. Otherwise, you will automatically forfeit your unplayed matches in that round. Please do not sign up for the tournament if you doubt that you will be able to commit to playing all of your duels.

How do I submit completed JDCE duels?

Submit your duels by sending screenshots to any official/admin, and having BOTH duel participants to validate their authenticity. Note that is YOUR responsibility to have screenshots as evidence for each of your matches.

How long is the tournament expected to last for?

We hope to be finished before Sunday 12th July, 23:59 GMT.

If anything is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask an admin or official! :)


Lahm and Ragnarok reserve the right to update these rules as they see fit, throughout the tournament - particularly if there are any dropouts/exploits/forgotten details, and contingency plans needed to be made.