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In a nutshell

JDC is a competition for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 players. You can gain points in three ways:

1. Play matches against other competitors, solo or as a team.

If you win matches, you gain points. If you lose matches. you gain less points, and may even lose some. You gain more points, and lose less, if you play against stronger opponents. You also gain extra bonus points if you play against many different people or play in clan wars.

2. Play in events organised by JDC officials.

Events are for fun! Lots of players, obscure game modes, lots of points to gain, and none to lose. Events are usually announced in advance.

3. Complete challenges

Each season has multiple rounds. Each round has an extra challenge, e.g. playing a certain number of matches or playing in specific levels. Complete challenges to gain a fixed amount of points.

Interested? Read on for a more detailed explanation!

What is JDC?

JDC is an ongoing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 tournament where people play against each other, solo or as a team, to gain points. Points are also available in free-for-all events.

You can play against whoever you want as long as they are also signed up with JDC, and you can play against them whenever you want. You can do as many or as few matches as you want. You don't even need to play matches at all; many people participate in JDC just for the events which are hosted regularly.

The JDC website also features highly detailed statistics on a lot of things, and is almost entirely automated. Users are expected to submit their own matches to the site and are trusted to be honest with their submissions. The administrators do their best to ensure everything stays that way.

A patch called JJ2+ is used for a lot of JDC events. It would be a very good idea to download it, as some events require it, and others are helped a lot if you have it installed. Get it at Jazz2Online.


The goal of JDC is to gain as many points as possible (while having fun!) Points can be obtained through events or matches. For those interested, detailed information on how points are obtained is available.


At the beginning of each season everybody has 0 points, and at the end whoever has the most points is the JDC champion. You will need to log in at the beginning of the season to mark yourself as an active player and be eligible for points.


Each season is divided into a series of week-long rounds. Scoring rules may change slightly from round to round. Your score for each round is determined by the matches you play in; events go directly to your "overall" score. Rounds may have a challenge to go with them; you get a set amount of points for completing the challenge before the round is over.


Matches are the best way to gain points and are played between two players (this is usually called a duel) or between teams of two or three players each. See the page on scoring for more info on how duels and team matches are scored.


An event is any game that is not a match. They are typically hosted by officials or administrators. Instead of being incorporated into your score for the current round, they are simply worth "raw" points that are added directly to your overall score. Playing in events is therefore always beneficial. Events are sometimes planned ahead of time, and sometimes they are completely spontaneous. They can involve any number of players, and can be any gametype.


See the clans FAQ for more information on how clans are integrated with JDC.


Administrators are the people who run JDC. Check the user list to see which administrators are currently active. They are not allowed to win the JDC tournament, although they are permitted to participate and gain points.

Officials offer organisational support such as posting news and hosting events. Anyone can be an official as long as they are reliable, have a good grasp of English, get along with other players, and are at least semi-dedicated. If you fit these criteria, feel free to contact an administrator. We are always looking for new officials willing to help out. Note that unlike administrators, officials are allowed to win the tournament.

Match rules

A competitor (the challenger) challenges another competitor (the opponent) for a JDC match, as a team of up to three people or individually. Here are the ten duel commandments:

  1. If the opponent accepts, then the competitors select the level, game type (battle or CTF), roast/point limit and host.

  2. The competitors may agree to have one or the other host, or they may have someone else host their match. It is considered rude to complain of lag during a match. You are supposed to agree on the host before a match, not during one!

  3. When the match is over, one of the participants of the challenging team enters the results into the JDC database using the add match page. All matches require a screenshot of the final score to be uploaded with them.

  4. The other player(s) then need to verify the match. Players that have already verified a game will show a tick next to their name on the verification page. Once at least one player of both teams has verified, the match will be fully verified within 24 hours; or immediately once all players have verified.

  5. Matches must be added IMMEDIATELY after they have concluded. Don't wait and add a bunch of matches together at a later time, it looks like cheating. The administrators WILL delete matches which look in any way suspicious.

  6. You are not allowed to play the same person over and over or otherwise farm low-effort matches. If you play a large amount of matches against the same person over a short period of time, play with an absurdly low score limit, or otherwise try to game the system, expect your matches to be deleted.

  7. Likewise, you are not allowed to play people who do not play JJ2. In other words, do not have your friend who has never heard of the game make a JDC account just because you can get easy points that way.

  8. Please be honest about your scores. We are giving you the privilege to send in your own scores. If this privilege is abused, players can and will be restricted from using the site, and if necessary, banned.

  9. You have the opportunity to write short comments on your matches, and are encouraged to do so. Please keep it civil.

  10. The JDC administration has the right to remove a competitor from the tournament for any reason. Anyone found cheating through trainer programs, by deliberately exploiting glitches, or by submitting false information will be banned: cheating in the tournament is not tolerated.

Rules of Events

  1. Please listen to the host of the event and any other JDC officials present. Running a large event requires everybody's cooperation. Officials have the right to kick anybody they consider to be disruptive.

  2. Please play with whatever name you use for your JDC account. This helps the officials know who you are when it comes to submitting scores. If you play with a weird name, don't be surprised if you don't get any points.

  3. Officials will often talk in coloured text to make what they have to say stand out. Unless you have something very important to say, please don't colour your chat.

  4. Events which are planned ahead of time usually have pregames that are hosted 15-30 minutes before the event. These pregames are not worth points, and are hosted for organizational purposes. Attending pregames is usually a good idea.

  5. Idle players may be kicked from events to make room for other people. Those who are kicked are free to rejoin, although they might not receive points if they join mid-game.

  6. For team based events, join as default team unless stated otherwise. If you leave an event or are disconnected/kicked and chose to return, please play as the same team that you were on before. Teams will be random and regularly shuffled in most large events.

  7. Do not complain of lag or anything else. If the event does not suit your tastes, leave. The hosts are making their best effort to have the event run as smoothly as possible, and complaints during the event help no one. Constructive feedback is appreciated after the event has finished.

  8. Some players enjoy doing small events such as 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 ctf games. This is fine, but doing them in excess is considered unfair. Because of this, you are only allowed to get points for one of these a day. You can play in more, but you will not get any extra points.

  9. Some of the larger events are hosted more than once so more players can get a chance to play. For series of events like this, you may only receive points for one of them. Sometimes you will be allowed to play in both, but you will only get points for the first one, and you may be asked to leave so others can join if the server fills up.

  10. Events are supposed to be fun! If you are not having fun, that is unfortunate, but okay. Please leave if that is the case instead of also making it less fun for other players by complaining. There are plenty of events and there will probably be another one that is more to your liking.

Events are hosted with JJ2+, so you need to get it as well. You can get it here.