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JDCE 31 Knockout Phase

JDCE 31 Knockout Phase

The JDCE 31 Knockout Phase has now begun, and we are down to 16 players (from 24).

Notable updates to be aware of:

  • Based on polling, the two least popular maps (Junkyard Blues & Urban Brawl) have been replaced with two others (Gauntlet & Dilapidation).
  • Based on polling (and the addition of new maps), we are allowing every player to reset all three of their vetoes, should they wish to. To update your vetoes, simply cast them privately to myself (and we can try and announce them simultaneously at the time of your first match, if possible), or post them publicly as a comment in this post. You have until Sunday 05th July 23:59 GMT to have cast your vetoes, and completed your first match. Vetoes can only be cast before playing your first match.
  • See the links below for any further updates, and details on who your matchups are against!

Click HERE for an overview of the rules.

Click HERE to see live standings and matchups required.

Click HERE to see details on map picks and vetoes per player.

EDIT: JDCE points will now be added contemporaneously after each match (in an event named JDCE 31).


  1. vetoes eotm epi and swing

  2. Vetoes: Triton armory, Epitome and Moonlit harbor.

  3. Vetoes:Gauntlet,xlmdilapidation,triton armory

  4. vetoes: odt, eotm, trf

  5. Vetoes: Eotm, Epitome, Gauntlet

  6. JK vetoes: none

  7. Vetoes: Tyuka's Realm Forsaken, Dilapidation, Triton Armory

  8. Vetoes : olcarena31a, evilctf22, olctrf

  9. Vetoes: Dilapidation, Epitome, One Day Tournament

  10. vetoes: ezpaint, xlmdilap, ezsol

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