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JDCE Round 4 Matchups

Here are the pairings for JDCE round 4:

Bracket A (Finals):

  • Hyperion vs PurpleJazz (✓)

Bracket B:

  • Firerabbit vs Lahm (A)
  • Loon vs Ragnarok (A)
  • Lazzaro vs Krzysiek (F)

Bracket C:

  • Anubis vs Sir Ementaler (✓)
  • Naps vs KRSplat (✓)
  • Tictac vs Mastersven (A)

Bracket D (Losers):

  • cooba vs Smoke (A)

Please submit your screenshots to a JDC admin (me, cooba, Ragnarok or Stijn) so we can add your duels for you. You have until Sunday 10th September. If you're not sure how to contact us, you may instead link to the screenshots in the comments section of this post (use an image sharing service like imgur).

NOTE: Please ignore the matchups for round 4 on the challonge page, as they are mostly incorrect.

JDC 27 Ends This Sunday

Due to the end of the summer break rapidly approaching and the general decline in activity in this round, we've retroactively decided that the current round (Round 3) is going to be the last one this season. However, we're going to give people an extra weekend to play in, so therefore closing event will take place on Sunday 3rd September at 19:00 GMT+1. It's going to be a long one, so expect a huge variety of gamemodes and maps!

However, you may still continue to play your round 4 JDCE duels up until Sunday 10th September. Send your screenshots to one of the JDC admins and we'll add them for you.

Race Event

The race event has been postponed by 24 hours. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

EDIT: +15 minutes

JDCE Round 3 Matchups

Here are the pairings for JDCE round 3:

Bracket 1: (2-0)

  • Hyperion vs Lazzaro (✓)
  • PurpleJazz vs Loon (✓)

Bracket 2: (1-1)

  • Krzysiek vs KRSplat (✓)
  • Lahm vs Anubis (✓)
  • Ragnarok vs Naps (F)
  • Sir Ementaler vs Firerabbit (✓)

Bracket 3: (0-2)

  • cooba vs Tictac (F)
  • Smoke vs Mastersven (✓)

You have until Sunday 3rd September to play your duel. Once the two Bracket 1 duels have been played, the Bracket 1 final match for Round 4 will be available (the two winners face eachother). Please try to get them done as soon as possible, and speak up if you're not going to have time!

Live standings can be seen HERE.

Password reset e-mails

A few people have contacted me over the past few days because their password reset e-mail did not arrive. I've tweaked a few settings and the e-mails should now arrive more reliably, so try again if you're still waiting for yours.

If things still don't work please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or another official who will be able to manually generate a password reset link for you.

JDCE Round 2 Matchups

Here are the pairings for JDCE round 2:

Bracket 1: (Round 1 Winners)

  • Hyperion vs Sir Ementaler (✓)
  • Krzysiek vs Loon (✓)
  • Lazzaro vs Ragnarok (✓)
  • PurpleJazz vs Lahm (✓)

Bracket 2: (Round 1 Losers)

  • Anubis vs cooba (A)
  • KRSplat vs Smoke (✓)
  • Mastersven vs Firerabbit (✓)
  • Tictac vs Naps (✓)

You have until Friday 25th August to play your duel. Have fun, and please contact me if for whatever reason you won't be able to play your duel on time!

JDC Round 2

General Stuff: CONGRATULATIONS TO LOONEY FOR WINNING ROUND 1. Round 2 has now begun; the main notable change is that the base points per win has increased from 5 to 10.

Challenge of the Round: The challenge of the round is to win at least five 2v2s with the same partner within this round. Because of the added difficulty, this challenge will be worth 40 points.

JDCE Updates: 6/8 duels have been completed for JDCE round 1, and due to a lack of availability, two of the players from round 1 have been substituted.

These players should aim to complete their duels before: 00:00 Monday 21st August to ensure that round 2 can commence without too much delay;

  • Krzysiek (Fukushima, Gauntlet) vs Anubis (Scrapyard, The Astrolabe)
  • Lazarro (Fukushima, Robust Ruins) vs master sven (Fukushima, Re-Purposed Offshore Platform)

The rest of the matchups will be announced the moment these duels are completed.

Live standings can be seen HERE.

Happy duelling!

General Stuff

This newspost is a heads-up that round 2 will start in less than 24 hours.

On a semi-related note, the JDCE deadline for duels is within that time also. For the players who still haven't played their duels yet, please endeavor to do so or you may be added to our hall of shame and receive a substantial point penalty. For those who cannot complete their games; please contact an official or an admin, or comment on this newspost.

Finally, congratulations to Krzysiek for winning the first one day tournament of this season.


We have decided to reopen JDCE signups for substitutes, as a contingency for people getting disqualified for not completing their matches by the deadline. Said players will get substantial point penalties.

First come - first served.


Two Rabbits Ruled all.

The spontaneous event scores are in! And it seems that it wasn't one rabbit, but two rabbits who ruled everyone! Check out the results.

But that's not all! Because the next event is coming to you! We are going to dominate some landscapes throughout the worlds of Jazz Jackrabbit. Expect a lot of killing and roasting and dying in this event!

Also, drop your mutator suggestions down below.