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Season 26 awards

Traditionally overdue (though honest promise, we're gonna try to be a bit more prompt this time), I present the season 26 awards!

Awards are now also recorded for posterity on players' profile pages; those for the past 3 seasons have been added so far.

Jazz Duelist ChampionJety1829 points
JDCE ChampionKrzysiekFirst place
Duel HeroJety93% duel wins (93:7)
Life of the PartyKrzysiek564 event points
Rabbit ExterminatorJety1082 roasts
Casualty SoldierJety1082:313 (3.46) roast:fall ratio
Contest VictorKrzysiek5 main event wins
JDC Superfano0o (Moti)150 matches total
Dedicated DuelistJety100 duels
Dedicated Team Playero0o (Moti)74 team games
Event RegularJety17 event showings
Round MasterJety4 rounds won
Team MasterKrytical77% team wins (10:3)
Inseperable PartnersKrzysiek, Rew, o0o (Moti)11 team games together
Pick Someone ElseFirerabbit, Krzysiek, Rew7 team losses
CommentatorLooney145 characters average
Obsessive DuellistKrzysiek13 duels in one day (3 March)
Loves EveryoneJetyFought 24 separate opponents
Common MatchupKRSplat vs o0o (Moti)27 duels against each other
Stop TryingKRSplat22 losses against o0o (Moti)
Nice GodmodeJety42 perfect duels (0 opponent roasts)

It won't be a big surprise that Jety has the biggest haul here, crushing the competition in both activity and quality, with an impressive total of 100 duels of which only 7 were losses. Krzysiek also manages to snatch a few awards, scoring big in events and becoming this season's JDCE champion. Well done everyone!

Got a lust for life

The final event of JDC 26 has just ended, and it was a major blast. Thanks to everybody who came and played a part!

I enjoyed (mostly) every round, but the final few, aka Officials vs. Competitors vs. Admins vs. Jety was definitely the highlight for me :) Please tell me what was yours!

The season will keep going for some time, probably 12 hours or less. If you're still up for duels and team games, better make use of this time!

The awards for the season will be posted within the next week.

Pest event postponed

Apologies to everyone expecting to play an event tonight, but something has come up for me last minute and so I will be unable to run it as planned. Therefore, it will be run tomorrow instead at 19:00 GMT +1, and due to the extra notice it will be upgraded to main event status.

Clan wars

While awaiting the results of the round 3 challenge, I've also set up the new challenge. If you missed playing ladders, this challenge is just for you!


Q: What do I need to do?

Win 4 team games (2vs2 or 3vs3, any gamemode goes) with your clan, against another clan!

Q: Can we defeat the same clan 4 times to win?

You can, but if you defeat different clans, your award will be bigger, maybe much bigger if you defeat 4 different clans!

Q: What if I'm not in any clan?

  1. Join one!
  2. Make your own!

Q: What if I don't want to be in any clan?

Well it wouldn't be called a challenge if it was nice and easy wouldn't it? The round challenges are all about leaving the comfort zone!

Q: Can I be in more than one clan at once?

Q: If I'm about to lose a game, can I leave my clan before the game ends, to make sure the other clan doesn't get the win?

Q: Can I make 4 different clans in a week and lose all games, just to help my friend win the challenge?

Try it, we'll find out how much points you can lose that way!

I'll be awaiting your questions in the comments below. Now go call up your team on Skype and get to work!

Round 4 out of 4

I have updated JDC to round 4, which also be the last round of this season.

The season will be closed immediately after the final event ends, meaning that this round is effectively two days longer than the previous ones.

Enjoy round 4!

My favorite part of laws is how open to interpretation they are

Some of you may have witnessed a minor "incident" happening on a certain duel server in the not-too-distant past. Therefore I'd like to make a small statement.

The 8th rule of duels states "Please be honest about your scores" and I think that this should also include being honest with yourself! ;-)

It is advised to not cycle to another level in the middle of a JDC duel with the reasoning "bcs u r fucker" and call your opponent a "FKN BITCH". JDC encourages friendly competition and good sportsmanship!

A7med receives -10 points for this infraction.

Round 3 challenge

Welcome to round 3! You know the drill by now; extra points as long as you complete a task. This time most of you probably won't even have to put any additional effort into it: all you have to do is win team games with at least 10 different partners on your team.

The matches can be either 2on2 or 3on3 and played in any game mode. In 3on3 matches, both of your partners count towards your total, so as long as you always choose unique partners, you can finish the challenge in just 5 3on3 matches.

Instagib event rescheduled

Hi everybody. I'm sorry to say that due to a combination of personal life and technical issues with the server, today's event has been rescheduled to Monday. Apologies to everyone inconvenienced by this decision.

Round 3 is up

Several hours late, but I've set up round 3. Congratulations to Jety for winning the round again.

I've made a small change in the scoring - the bonus pool is now slightly smaller, but it has a bigger effect on your match score. This is because not many players have been using the bonus points in full, and this change should make it easier for everybody to get more points.

Expect updates from SE regarding the round challenge.

Enjoy round 3!

Scoring update

I have finally submitted the scores of Saturday's Jailbreak 2017 event. Congratulations to Krzysiek for winning the event!

For those who could not have attended: what I did was instead of playing one round in one level till 5, I decided to do several rounds in one level till 1. This way we did 20 games of Jailbreak total as opposed to the usual 5 or 6. I think I definitely prefer this way of doing Jailbreak. ;-)

What about everybody else?