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JDCE 31 begins

JDCE 31 begins

This newspost marks the start of JDCE for season 31.

Click HERE for an overview of the rules.

Click HERE to see live standings and matchups required.

Click HERE to see details on map picks and vetoes per player.

As a participant, we need you to:

  • Carefully read all of the rules listed in the link above.
  • Set THREE vetoes from the mappool listed in the rules page above, by commenting on this post before your first match.
  • Play all three matches within your groups before Sunday 21st Jun, 23:59 GMT.
  • Submit your duels by sending screenshots to any official/admin, and having BOTH duel participants to validate their authenticity. Note that is YOUR responsibility to have screenshots as evidence for each of your matches.

Ultimately, the top 2 from each group WILL progress for sure, and only 4 players in 3rd place will be granted access to the next round based on their wins/scores/playoffs.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lahm or myself.


  1. My vetoes are Employee of the Month, Epitome and Tyuka's Realm Forsaken.

  2. My vetoes : Junkyard Blues , Painted Garden , Urban Brawl

  3. Vetoes: Solstice, Employee of the Month and Tyuka's Realm Forsaken.

  4. Vetoes:Tyuka's Realm Forsaken, Junkyard Blues, Employee of the Month

  5. vetoes: Urban Brawl, Junkyard Blues, Tyuka's Realm Forsaken

  6. Vetoes: paint trf and junkyardblues

  7. (sorry i didnt know that there was mapool) so my vetoes is Painted garden ,junkyard blues,tyuka's realms

  8. Vetoes:Epitome,Eotm and BBswing

  9. vetoes :naivctf04, olctrf ,urbraw

  10. vetoes: none

  11. Vetoes: Employee of the Month, Junkyard Blues, Solstice

  12. Vetoes: Junkyard Blues, Epitome and Triton armory.

  13. Vetoes: Runheimr, Solstice.

  14. Vetoes: Tyuka's Realm Forsaken, Junkyard Blues and Painted Garden

  15. all your base ctf, Epitome , Junkyard Blues.

  16. Vetoes: naivctf04, ezsol and urbrawl

  17. solstice triton armory one day tournament

  18. Vetoes: Triton Armory, One day tournament, Tyuka's Realm Forsaken

  19. Runheimr,Triton Armorym,Brawl

  20. Vetoes:swigin jazz, one day TOURNAMENT, solstice

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