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Note: There will be no JDCE tournament this season. The information below is currently relevant for historical context only.

Jazz Duelist Challenge: Emmentaliation

JDCE is a tournament that runs parallel to JDC and provides a proper tournament setup, as contrasted with JDC's free-for-all format. Players sign up at the beginning of the season and play each other a set number of times until one player remains and becomes that season's JDCE champion. Winning the championship provides a large number of event points to the player's overall score for that season, which can potentially make the difference for JDC's own ranking!

This season, JDCE uses the Swiss system (hence Emmentaliation!)

Read on for a more detailed explanation of the system and how you can participate.

Map pool

The mappool is fixed for the whole duration of the tournament, and is as follows:


Uh, what the hell is the Swiss system?

It's a tournament system commonly used for Chess in which players are paired up against players with the same score as them. As opposed to an elimination format, losing does not mean you are knocked out of the tournament. For each duel you win, you receive one point. Players duel eachother in equal-point matchups until there is only one player left with the highest amount of points; this player is the winner of the tournament. Do not worry if you are paired with a tough opponent in the first round - you will be paired with someone closer to your skill level in subsequent rounds.

What am I supposed to do?

Check the tournament standings to see who your next opponent is, and challenge them to a duel. The brackets will be posted once the tournament starts, so stay tuned!

What are the duel rules?

Players pick one map each from the mappool, although you may not pick one of their vetoed maps unless they agree to it. However, you are welcome to choose to play in maps you have vetoed at the start of the tournament. You and your opponent can agree to play on a single map if you both so wish. Duels are played to 5 points with no timelimit (so just set a really long timelimit so you can take a screenshot at the end without the level cycling), and with the default health for the gamemode of the map; i.e. 3h for CTF and 5h for Battle. Duels in this tournament are round-based, meaning that if there is a tie you will need to play a deciding third round.

Can I pick a map from outside the mappool?

Yes, but only if your opponent agrees to it.

How do me and my opponent settle a tie?

If there is no agreement on what map to play in a tie, you and your opponent will take turns to temporarily veto one map from the mappool until only one remains; in which case you will play that map. The player with the most JDC points at the time of the duel vetoes first.

How long do we have to play our duels?

We expect you to play at least two JDCE duels per JDC round. The tournament will start immediately after the end of the Opening Event on Friday. If you have any extenuating circumstances which mean that this is cannot be achievable in a particular round, please let one of the JDC admins know in advance. Otherwise, you will automatically forfeit your unplayed matches in that round. Please do not sign up for the tournament if you doubt that you will be able to commit to playing all of your duels.

How do I submit completed JDCE duels?

Simply submit them like you would any other JDC duel; except add the tag [JDCE] to the end of the levelname field to ensure that we know that it was a JDCE duel. Please submit the results of each individual game played within a tournament match seperately.

How long is the tournament expected to last for?

Assuming all is smooth sailing, it should be finished by the end of JDC Round 2.

Can you tell me something interesting?

Cheese is green on Tuesday.

If anything is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask an official! :)