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What are clans?

A clan is a group of players. Clans have their own scores and rankings, which adds an extra dimension to JDC; can your clan score the most points in a season and win an award for all its members?

The clan ranking is separate from the player ranking and there is no need to join a clan; you will not lose points by staying clanless. But joining one will make JDC more versatile and fun!

Each clan has a leader, who may add members to the clan; after the members have verified that they are indeed part of the clan, they are added to the member list. From then on, their results count towards the clan's score. You can be in only one clan at a time. Clans need to have at least two members to have their scores and rankings calculated.

How can I score points for my clan?

Clans can score points in two ways:

Remember, match points are the "raw" points you gain for a match; so event points and bonus points do not count towards your clan's score. See the General FAQ for more information on how match points are calculated.

You can gain individual bonus points by playing in clan wars. These only count towards your own score. This is another way of gaining bonus points, in addition to playing duels versus new opponents and collecting bounties.

How do I join/leave a clan?

Contact their leader! They will be able to tell you whether the clan is open for new members and how you can join, if it is. You can check a clan's profile page to see who their leader is.

If you want to leave a clan, contact your clan's leader; they can remove you from the member list. Note that "clan-hopping" is discouraged and in principle you are expected to stay within the same clan throughout the season. If you want to join another clan, please contact an administrator first, or you may be forcibly removed from your new clan.

If you are the leader of a clan that is not registered with JDC yet, contact an official; they will be able to set things up for you.