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This page will explain how the scoring system works in simple terms. See the section on "Scoring Equations" at the bottom of this page for specific information.


Your score for each round is a combination of match points (which you get for duels or team matches), bonus points (which reward activity) and event points (which you get for participating in events). Round challenges are counted as events.


You mainly gain points by playing matches. There is a base amount of points you get per match; this varies from round to round. The base amount of points you will receive is listed in the sidebar on the left side of the site.

These points are adjusted based on whether you won or lost, your score in the match and whether your opponent was better or worse than you (see the section on quality for an explanation of how this is calculated). In essence, the better your score within the match, the more points you gain. So winning with a perfect score (e.g. 5-0) against a strong opponent nets you the most points. Usually losing a match will make you lose points, but you may gain some points if the match was close or the opponent was a lot stronger than you.

Each round has a 'match point target', an amount of match points after which the amount of points you can get each match diminishes. This is to discourage grinding your way to the top. You will receive a notification when you reach this target; it's also listed in the sidebar.

If you have already played someone before in the current round, the base points per win decreases with 20% for each time you have already won a duel versus that player. So if you have won once, the next time you win you get 80% of the usual amount of match points.


At the start of each round, all players receive a bonus pool. This is a number of points that can be gained simply by playing a duel against someone you have not played before in that round, a team match with teammates you have not played before in that round, or by participating in a clan war. It does not matter if you win or lose!

Once the bonus pool is depleted, it stays empty until the next round starts, and you will only be able to increase your score through match and event points.

The base amount of bonus points you receive per match can be seen in the sidebar. If you play against someone whose player quality (see the next section) is higher than you, you will gain more bonus points (up to twice as many), depleting your bonus pool faster.


To encourage competitors to play against more skilled players, match points are adjusted based on player quality. Everyone starts the season at 50% player quality. After playing at least 4 games, you will have a player quality rating in the form of a percentage, based on how often you win. If you win all your games, your quality will be 100%, and if you lose all your games, your quality will be 0%.

Player quality is tracked separately for duels and team games.


When someone has won five or more duels in a row, they will be put on the bounty board, which appears in the sidebar. Breaking these players' streak will give you a lot of bonus points - the streak size multiplied by three. So if you win a duel against someone with a +10 win streak, you get up to 30 bonus points, depending on how much of your bonus pool is left! This amount is usually capped at 50 points.


You can also gain points by playing in events. Events are generally "weighted" to a certain score. If an event is worth 25 points on JDC, then whoever did best in the event gets 25 points. Therefore, the score people get in-game is almost always different (though proportional) to the actual points they receive.

Larger events will be worth more points (up to 50), as well as events that have been announced at least 24 hours in advance. Sometimes, the events that mark the end of a round will be worth even more.

Ultimately, the official who is in charge of scoring the event gets to decide how many points it is worth.

Scoring Equations

If you are interested in the exact specifics of how the scoring system works, this section is for you. Listed below are all of the formulas used in JDC scoring. You don't need to fully understand this, but we provide it anyway in the interests of keeping our system as transparent as possible.

Points are always rounded to the nearest integer number.

Match points

Bonus points

Bonus points are added after the match is verified, using your bonus pool at the time of verification. You only receive bonus points if you have not played the opponent before in that round, if the match is a clan war, or if you broke someone's win streak.

Player quality

Note that player quality is calculated separately for duels and team matches; use the amount of wins and matches for the relevant type.