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JDCE 2 commences

JDCE 2 commences

JDCE 2: Electric Boogaloo has now begun!

Click HERE for an overview of the rules and the mappool.

Click HERE to see live standings and matchups required.

Click HERE to see map selections and vetoes.

As a participant, we need you to:

  • Carefully read all of the rules listed in the link above.
  • Set up to three vetoes from the mappool listed in the rules page above, by commenting on this post before your first match.
  • For those starting in UB Round 1, you must play your match by no later than Friday 7th August, 23:59 GMT+1. Those starting in UB Round 2 (the top 4 seeded players), you will need to duel with one week after your first match becomes available.
  • Submit your duels by sending screenshots to any official/admin or by uploading them to the #jdce room in the JDC Discord, and having both duel participants to validate their authenticity. Note that is your responsibility to have screenshots as evidence for each of your matches.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lahm or myself.


  1. My vetoes are FTL and Astro

  2. Vetoes: Butrinti, Scrapyard, Wicked Wood

  3. Veto : ezmoon xlmovergrowth olcpppeak

  4. my vetoes : xlmovergrowth,mlhaunt,ezstar

  5. Vetoes: Scrapyard, Butrinti, Wicked Wood

    (it just so happens to be the same as PJ)

  6. Vetoes: Moonrise, Seasons of Diamondus, Twin Stalactites.

  7. vetoes: sebattle,ts,ezzr

  8. my vetoes are: ezstar,overgrowth,sebattle

  9. Vetoes:Wicked Wood Astro Ezrr

  10. vetoes: ezstar sebattle xlmbut

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