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JDCE 32 begins

JDCE 32 begins

The JDCE 32 tournament has now begun!

Click HERE for an overview of the rules and the mappool.

Click HERE to see live standings and matchups required.

Click HERE to see map selections and vetoes.

As a participant, we need you to:

  • Carefully read all of the rules listed in the link above.
  • Set up to three vetoes from the mappool listed in the rules page above, by commenting on this post before you play your first match. Once you have completed your first match, your vetoes will be fixed for the rest of the tournament, including if you did not veto any maps.
  • For those starting in UB Round 1, you must play your match by no later than Sunday 4th December, 23:59 GMT+1. Those starting in UB Round 2 (the top seeded players), you will need to duel with one week after your first match becomes available. However, for those who already have duel matchups lined up in UB Round 2, I also encourage you to play your duel this week if possible.
  • Submit your duels by submitting them as JDC duels, including the [JDCE] tag as a suffix in the level name field. Note that is your responsibility to have screenshots as evidence for each of your matches.
  • If you will not have time to play your duel before the deadline, please let me know straight away. Otherwise if I don't hear anything from you, I will presume you have forfeited your match and award the win to the more active player.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Duel away!

PS: You may find the JDC Discord to be a useful place to contact your opponents in order to arrange matches. There is even a dedicated #jdce channel which you can use to get the latest news and ask me questions.


  1. vetoes: none

  2. vetoes: epitome, all your base, the astrolabe

  3. Vetoes: Epitome, Employee of the Month, Wicked Wood

  4. vetoes: Obsidian Cave, Re-Purposed Offshore Platform, Scarwood.

  5. vetoes: Firebreather, Employee of the Month, Epitome

  6. vetoes: Firebreather, Rúnheimr, You Arena

  7. vetoes: Employee of the Month, Firebreather, You Arena

  8. vetoes: Employee of the Month, Firebreather, You Arena

    count mah in

  9. Vetoes: All Your Base CTF, Epitome, Wicked Wood

  10. vetoes: Employee of the Month, Dilapilation, Runheimr

  11. Vetoes: Firebreather, Employee of the Month, Re-Purposed Offshore Platform

  12. Vetoes: Triton Armory, Rúnheimr and Firebreather

  13. Vetoes: Dilapidation, Rúnheimr and Obsidian Cave.

  14. vetoes:youarena,wicked wood,triton armory

  15. Vetoes: You Arena, Scarwood, Obsidian Cave

  16. Vetoes: The Astrolabe, Rúnheimr, Dilapidation

  17. Vetoes: You Arena, employee of the month, scarwood

  18. Vetoes: You Arena, Firebreather, Obsidian Cave

  19. vetoes : firebreather youarena obsidian

  20. vetoes firebreather you arena scarwood

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