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Round 2 Begins

Round 2 Begins

We're now finally in to Round 2! All future rounds including this one will last for two weeks, so this round will finish on Monday 19th August.

Round 2 challenge to be announced. In the meantime we'll see if anyone completed or got close to completing the Round 1 challenge (play team games with at least five unique partners), and those that got reasonably close will receive some extra points.

EDIT: Congratulations to Naps, Ragnarok and STEFKO for completing the Round 1 Challenge! Jelly Jam (Herobrine) came close, having 4 unique team mates, so he receives some partial points too.


  1. At this point in JDC season 30, Jety is in 1st place, with a 460-point lead over 2nd place Sky/Naps.

    Overall, I'm sitting comfortably in 34th place, with a 17-point lead over my ancient rival, Salamander[DM].

    Meanwhile, it seems that Lynx has managed to recover her points from being at -6! Exciting times for [CDF], who apparently are not exactly profiting from JDC's (bogus?) clan ranking system, which seemingly has no current meaning whatsoever / at all.

    That being said, [t3] is the only clan with positive point(-s?) thus far in this JDC season 30, and has 2 players in the top 4 overall, Sky/Naps, and Superjazz(SJ).

    Rounding out the top 5 are Stefko[CDF] at #3, and SE'ren at #5.

    Will I actually have points deducted for ragequitting a duel vs Jety, down 0-1 after Jety had already used /stop twice?

    Will Ragnarok be satisfied with winning an ODT?

    Will this JDCE 2v2 tournament be considered as having any sense of legitimacy after having Anna replacing Smoke during the 2nd round as Krzysiek's teammate?

    ... Who knows? ... Who cares? ... Who took the dopefish out of the dopefishy swimming pool? ... Whomever, I suppose! =]

  2. But Anna replaced Smoke in the first round, not the second one, and their opponents in that round agreed on it. Oh, and the other teams got a chance to change their veto maps because of it, so yeah, I think that's pretty fair.

  3. That is a fair point and solid argument, Jelly Jam.

    I must have been confused \ misled since it seemingly was 2nd round for certain teams that already played their 1st round matches. I should've tried to delve a lot deeper into the details of the situation in the making of that comment. ~_~

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