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JDCE 30 Preliminary Phase

JDCE 30 Preliminary Phase

Hi all,

since we have 16 players signed up, the first thing I did was match players who signed up to be with random. This was done by putting the names (on paper) of the six players who asked to have randomly assigned partners, in a hat. If I got any two from the same clan, the whole process was to start again - but thankfully it worked the first time.

The teams (and vetoes) are as follows:

  • Krzysiek + Smoke (Gauntlet & Trig)

  • Herobrine + Grytmastern (EOTM & RPOP)

  • Naps + Lynx (EOTM & RPOP)

  • Ragnarok + Purplejazz (EOTM & Stronghold)

  • Lazarro + Hyperion (Gauntlet & Stronghold)

  • Firerabbit + Superjazz (HMK & RPOP)

  • A7med + batata (EOTM & RPOP)

  • AhMo + Lahm (Astro & RPOP)

The next thing to announce is that there will be a mappool of 11 CTF maps. Each team will get to veto two of these 11 maps, so pick wisely:

  • The Astrolabe

  • Employee of the Month

  • Epitome

  • Gauntlet

  • Hall of the Mountain King

  • Re-Purposed Offshore Platform

  • Scrapyard

  • Stronghold

  • Swingin' Jazz

  • Trigelateral v4

  • Wicked Wood

Further rules will follow - Also, note that it will be a double elimination knockout tournament.

Any member of each pairing can announce vetoes - either by posting a comment or by messaging me directly - and they will be finalised by me adding them to the newspost. The deadline for vetoing maps is 23:59 GMT Sunday 21 July.


  1. Ragnarok and Purplejazz veto the following:

    EOTM and Stronghold

  2. Firerabbit + Superjazz veto: Hall of The Mountain King and Re-Purposed Offshore Platform

  3. A7med & batata veto : employee of the month and re-purposed offshore platform

  4. Grytmastern & Herobrine veto: Employee of the Month & Re-Purposed Offshore Platform

  5. Naps and Lynx veto EOTM and RPOP

  6. Ahmo and Lahm veto : RPOP and Astro

  7. Krzy and smok veto: Gauntlet and Trig

  8. Lazzaro and Hyperion veto Gauntlet and Stronghold

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