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Season 28 begins tonight!

Season 28 begins tonight!

Get ready! In just 3 hours (at the time of writing) Season 28 will kick off with a big event where we hope to see you all. If any new players are joining us, make sure to install JJ2+ before joining.

This season uses the same scoring system as last season, with one difference. Each duel you win decreases the base points you get for the next win against that player by 20%, until it settles at 20% of the base value. So if you've won a duel against PurpleJazz, and play him again, you'll only get 80% of the points you got the first time, then 60% if you win again, and so on. This resets with each round. We hope this discourages grinding.

Finally, we've got a challenge for each round again. Round 1 challenges you to play a duel (win or lose) against 7 unique opponents, for a reward of 30 points.

Good Luck to You all!

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