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Season 27 starts 11 August

Season 27 starts 11 August

It's time for a new JDC season! Season 27 is to officially start on Friday 11 August. There will be an opening event as usual, at 19:00 GMT; keep an eye on the sidebar for more details.

This season comes with a few changes as well:


This season introduces clans to JDC. There will be a parallel clan ranking alongside the traditional individual ranking. You can read all about how clans work on the FAQ page, but here are the highlights:

  • If you are a clan leader, contact an official, who can add your clan to JDC, after which you can add members to it.
  • Clan score consists of match points earned in clan wars (e.g. team matches against other clans). Duels against members of other clans count as well, but will only contribute a small part of their match points.
  • Ladder matches may be submitted to JDC as clan wars.


  • You can gain extra bonus points for breaking people's win streaks. Keep an eye on the sidebar where a bounty board will list those with large streaks. Completing bounties will reward you the size of their streak multiplied by three, as bonus points.

Scoring changes

  • Quality now starts to matter immediately after 4 matches have been played instead of only after round 1, and takes all prior matches into account, not just those from previous rounds.
  • You will gain bonus points by playing in clan wars. You can still gain bonus points by playing duels against people you have not played before in a round as well.
  • To facilitate these changes we now require players to verify all matches involving them before a new match in which they played may be submitted. So please be prompt in submitting and verifying matches to avoid making others wait! Note that per the JDC rules you are required to submit a match immediately after it finishes.

The FAQ has been updated to reflect all changes, so check that out if you want to be completely up-to-date with the current JDC rules.

That's it! Please log in to your JDC accounts in order to be allowed to participate in JDC events. We hope to see you all on the 11th for the opening event.


  1. W00 time to win this time

  2. Honestly I dont like the idea of duels adding pts to the "clans" section. This way Jety can just make a solo clan and win the best clan award simply because she's the most active player. It would be more cool if clans were only team game based.

  3. That's true, and that's why the plan is to have them only count by half and that clans need at least two members to compete. At its core JDC is still about dueling (it's in the name!) so we wanted to have some 1v1 component to the score. Plus, there's already the ladder for a purely team game-based clan ranking.

    But this is the first season we do clans so it's best to see it as a pilot project; we're going to see what works and what doesn't and tweak things accordingly.

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