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Play JDC events, win free GOG games

Play JDC events, win free GOG games

GOG's generosity hasn't ended in giving us a JJ2 re-release - they have also very kindly offered us some promotional game codes to be given as prizes for participating in JDC!

Starting from now, winners of JDC events will be rewarded with a free download code for either one of the two following games:



A Hat In Time

A Hat In Time

These are two of the finest new PC platformers to come out this year, and will surely keep you entertained over the winter break and beyond!

Simply come in 1st place in any upcoming main event, and claim a free game code! Only one code per person however, so if you win an event after haven already claimed a code, the next one will go to the player in 2nd place and so on. Codes may also be given for other achievements, so stay tuned for any further announcements.

Get out there and play some JJ2! :)


  1. Amazing news!

  2. Gogtastic!

  3. Hope u like them Jety.

  4. @MS: Jety can only win one of these :P

  5. Enjoy, Jety, you can become the best at one of these games :) They are new games so your chances there are good.

  6. Dont forget the domination event of 9 days ago lel.

  7. @MS: I do apologise for the delay in getting the event scores up; I've been incredibly busy lately and have had to prioritise certain tasks accordingly. Expect the scores within the next couple of days.

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