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Round 2 challenge

Round 2 has started, and with it comes a new challenge! This time you are asked to win in 5 of the following levels:

Since it requires more victories, you can also expect it to be worth more points at the end of the round. Good luck!

Edit: I hoped this wouldn't require clarification but you're allowed to play in any game size from duel to 3on3, however you have to play in the game mode the level was made for. No battle duels in The Astrolabe please.

JDC: A New Beginning 2: Requiem

A week has passed since the season started, which means it's time to hit the reset button and begin another round.

Congratulations to Jety for narrowly winning round 1 with 252 points!

A new JDC round also means a new JDCE round. Ragnarok will keep you tuned with new developments...

A new round challenge is also up, thanks to Sir Ementaler. It's about ten times as crazy as the previous one! If you're a fan of winning in obscure levels, or just a fan of winning period, this challenge is right for you. (I swear that I didn't ask SE to put my level in it)

Keep on dueling!

JDCE begins!

Hello duellists, this newspost marks the start of JDCE. We have 15 entrants, resulting in a group stage. There will be five groups of 3 players viewable below. Please read the rules carefully.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
KRSplat Lahm Krzysiek Ragnarok P-F
Firerabbit moti A7med Smoke Hyperion
tictac Rew Lazzaro PurpleJazz cooba

So what do I need to do? Please play a match against each opponent in your group (it’s as simple as that).

How are the duels to be done? The duels are to be up to 5 points and will NOT be time-based. Remember to take screenshots of your duels and post them with our new system.

How are we meant to pick levels? If you can agree on a level between you, then that’s great. However, I imagine that being harder to achieve in practice, so each player can choose one map each and submit both duels separately. You are permitted to pick the colour in your opponent’s map choice and vice-versa.

What is the mappool for the JDCE group stage? You are suggested but not limited to these maps if your opponent agrees otherwise;

Epitome (mlynepitome)

Gauntlet (gauntlet)

Scrapyard (xlmscrapyard)

Superconductor CTF (elmsuper)

Swingin’ Jazz (bbswing)

Tyuka’s Realm Forsaken (olctrf)

Moonlit Harbor (olcbat06)

Please note that the mappool will CHANGE after the group stage. You are able to impact this change by voting your top 3 maps in the comments below (if you are participating). You will be allowed to veto maps next round, but there will be no vetoing for the group stage.

How are the duels scored? Duels for the group-stage are score-based and not round-based. If the game is a tie overall (eg. 5-2 and 2-5; 7-7 is not possible unless two matches were played), then submit it as such.

Who goes to the next round? The top performer in each group will definitely pass to the knockout stage. The top 3 performers of the 2nd places in each group will also pass to the next stage, leaving a total of 8 players for a knockout format.

What if you can’t do your duel? Post a comment here below and inform me of the situation.

Do I submit my duels to JDC? Yes, you must, and label the match with “[JDCE]” at the end of the levelname (of both if applicable).

PLEASE NOTE that the rules/mappool are subject to change once we reach a knockout stage of the tournament.


Starting from this season, it's obligatory to include a screenshot when submitting a duel.

There will be no exceptions, so don't forget to press that F12 button!

Round 1 challenge

This season introduces challenges of the round. A new challenge will be announced at the beginning of each round, and you will have an opportunity to gain some extra points by fulfilling it. It's not a huge bonus, but everyone who completes the task receives it equally, so it's easy points.

This round, the challenge is to win 2 Team Battle matches in 2 different levels. Good luck!

JDC 26 is now ON

The opening DCTF event has ended, which means that the season is now open! Expect to see scores in the coming days.

Thanks to everybody for attending the event! (except that one person who thinks that faking Vegito is still funny in 2017). I have enjoyed playing and I sincerely hope you all did. I also think that extending the final round in Divide & Conquer to 20 minutes was definitely worth it :)

The next major event will be Jailbreak! As you all know, there aren't as many JB levels out there as there are CTFs. To avoid hosting an event where we play the same levels for the hundredth time, I have a question for you all: Which CTF level would you like to see as a JB level?

Leave a response in the comments below and the most popular answer(s) will be converted for next week's event!

Now go duel!

Call for new Officials

In addition to revamping the JDC site, we're looking to increase our staff roster. If you've ever thought about becoming a JDC Official, now is your chance!

We are looking for hard-working and dedicated players who want to help make this season a success. As a new Official you will have the ability to organise and run your own JDC events and help us keep things running smoothly to make sure that everybody enjoys season 26.

If you feel you'd make a good Official, leave a comment on this post with the following information:

  • Nickname:
  • Time zone:
  • Skype:
  • Played JJ2 online since:
  • Able to host servers: (Yes/No)
  • Why I would be a good Official: (explain why you'd be suitable in no more than two sentences)

PS: Don't forget to sign up for JDCE! Drop a comment in the post below if you're up for it. (unrelated)

Season 26 kicks off soon!

Season 26 is to officially start on Friday 17th February after the opening event (which starts at 18:00 GMT).

New scoring system

This season comes with a new scoring system, which we hope will make participating in JDC more fun for everyone. Instead of calculating your round score based on your overall performance, you get a certain amount of points per match now, which remains fixed after the match is verified. You'll be able to see exactly how many points you got right after submitting a match. We recommend that you check the FAQ for the precise details, but in summary, these are the most important points:

  • 2on2s and 3on3s are now one big category called 'team games' and are scored the same as duels. All players now have a 'team quality' rating that is separate from their player quality, based on their performance in team games.
  • You'll get a certain amount of points for winning a match, calculated from a base amount listed in the sidebar. You'll get more points for more impressive results, e.g. winning from someone with higher quality than you, or with a big score difference.
  • You'll usually lose a (smaller) amount of points if you lose the match, unless the result is really close and the opponent was better than you.
  • Each time you play a duel versus someone you haven't played before in a round, you'll get free points from your bonus pool. You get these points even if you lose. Your remaining bonus pool for this round is shown under your name in the upper right corner of the site. Team games give no bonus points, and your bonus pool is refilled at the start of each round.

A few other housekeeping points

  • We now require a scores screenshot to be uploaded with every submitted match. So don't forget to make one when your match is finished!
  • Please log in to your JDC accounts in order to be allowed to participate in JDC events.
  • JDCE will possibly return based on interest levels. Please comment on this post saying "in" if you wish to participate and further information will be released after the start of JDC 26.
  • PurpleJazz has been promoted and is now a JDC admin. Congratulations!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

JDC 25 Awards

I bring to you, the JDC awards for season 25!

Jazz Duelist ChampionWarren1069 points
JDCE ChampionHyperionFirst place in JDCE 25
Duel HeroHyperion32 duel wins
Duel Master*Hyperion97% win percentage for duels
Rabbit ExterminatorPurpleJazz182 roasts/ctf points/2on2 Points
Enemy RavagerHyperion+32 win streak
The Other CheekNaps-31 win streak
Casualty Soldier*Hyperion5.55:1 roast:fall ratio
jdc megafan #1Naps49 matches played
Dedicated Event PlayerPurpleJazz and Treylina12 events* played
Bravery Award*Warren65% average opponent quality
Newbie Crusher*m0tiszon46% average opponent quality
CTF Master*Rew80% win percentage for 2on2s
Inseparable PartnersKRSplat and Warren5 2on2 games played together
Obsessive DuelerSmoke10 duels played on a single day*
Loves EveryonetictacFought 16 separate opponents
Stop TryingNaps6 duel losses against Hyperion
CommentatorLooney205 characters per comment on average

Once again - on behalf of the JDC crew, a huge thank you to everyone who made this JDC as fun as it was!

JDC 25 coming to a close.

Good evening everybody,

The scores for the spontaneous event on Saturday can be seen here.

The scores for the closing event held on Sunday can be seen here.

JDCE points have been awarded too - and the additional points for first place will be awarded after the grand final (between Hyperion and Superjazz) has been played.

Now all that's left is the awards, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this JDC a reality and made it as enjoyable as it possibly could be.