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JDCE Kicks Off

JDCE Kicks Off

Let'sa go!

You can see the live standings HERE.

For reference, here are the round 1 matchups, along with player vetoes:

  • cooba (Epitome, Gauntlet) vs Loon (Robust Ruins, Superconductor)
  • Herobrine (Moonlit Harbor, The Astrolabe) vs Lazzaro (Fukushima, Robust Ruins)
  • Hyperion (Robust Ruins, Superconductor) vs Tictac (Robust Ruins, Scrapyard)
  • KRSplat (None) vs PurpleJazz (Swingin' Jazz, Gauntlet)
  • Krzysiek (Fukushima, Gauntlet) vs Paul[NC] (Moonlit Harbor, Scrapyard)
  • Lahm (Fukushima, Re-Purposed Offshore Platform) vs Smoke (Gauntlet, Superconductor)
  • Naps (Fukushima, Superconductor) vs Sir Ementaler (Swingin' Jazz, Superconductor)
  • Ragnarok (Epitome, Fukushima) vs Firerabbit (Fukushima, Superconductor)

At the very latest you have until Friday 18th August to play your first duel. If you have trouble contacting your opponent and/or agreeing to a date to play, please contact me or another member of JDC staff ASAP. If necessary I will be awarding activity wins to players whom have made the effort to try and get their duel arranged, at my own discretion. Don't forget to keep an eye on the tournament bracket so you can see who your next opponent is - don't feel the need to wait if your next match has already been assigned.

Now get out there and play your matches!

PS: Please don't cycle to Re-Purposed Offshore Platform (rpop.j2l) in any of the Camel Duels servers until further notice as it causes AVs there. If you intend to pick this level, you and your opponent will need to play in Puke Nukem Arena.


  1. Smoke signed up? FK MY LIFE

  2. YE IM COMIN FOR YA KOOBA (If i make it out of lahm alive)

  3. Good luck to ya all

  4. I accidently chose astrolabe lol! Not that it matters tho ;>

  5. I've removed rpop from the CD's for now

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