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JDC 26 is now ON

JDC 26 is now ON

The opening DCTF event has ended, which means that the season is now open! Expect to see scores in the coming days.

Thanks to everybody for attending the event! (except that one person who thinks that faking Vegito is still funny in 2017). I have enjoyed playing and I sincerely hope you all did. I also think that extending the final round in Divide & Conquer to 20 minutes was definitely worth it :)

The next major event will be Jailbreak! As you all know, there aren't as many JB levels out there as there are CTFs. To avoid hosting an event where we play the same levels for the hundredth time, I have a question for you all: Which CTF level would you like to see as a JB level?

Leave a response in the comments below and the most popular answer(s) will be converted for next week's event!

Now go duel!


  1. Very good question! I'd like to see a JB version of xlmstronghold.

  2. Helldome, Canyon Grove, Ancient Museum, Pinball Arena 2k15, Coagulation, The Death Facility III

    Just to name a few which might work in a large JB event :angel:

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