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Season 26 awards

Season 26 awards

Traditionally overdue (though honest promise, we're gonna try to be a bit more prompt this time), I present the season 26 awards!

Awards are now also recorded for posterity on players' profile pages; those for the past 3 seasons have been added so far.

Jazz Duelist ChampionJety1829 points
JDCE ChampionKrzysiekFirst place
Duel HeroJety93% duel wins (93:7)
Life of the PartyKrzysiek564 event points
Rabbit ExterminatorJety1082 roasts
Casualty SoldierJety1082:313 (3.46) roast:fall ratio
Contest VictorKrzysiek5 main event wins
JDC Superfano0o (Moti)150 matches total
Dedicated DuelistJety100 duels
Dedicated Team Playero0o (Moti)74 team games
Event RegularJety17 event showings
Round MasterJety4 rounds won
Team MasterKrytical77% team wins (10:3)
Inseperable PartnersKrzysiek, Rew, o0o (Moti)11 team games together
Pick Someone ElseFirerabbit, Krzysiek, Rew7 team losses
CommentatorLooney145 characters average
Obsessive DuellistKrzysiek13 duels in one day (3 March)
Loves EveryoneJetyFought 24 separate opponents
Common MatchupKRSplat vs o0o (Moti)27 duels against each other
Stop TryingKRSplat22 losses against o0o (Moti)
Nice GodmodeJety42 perfect duels (0 opponent roasts)

It won't be a big surprise that Jety has the biggest haul here, crushing the competition in both activity and quality, with an impressive total of 100 duels of which only 7 were losses. Krzysiek also manages to snatch a few awards, scoring big in events and becoming this season's JDCE champion. Well done everyone!


  1. Yeah, congrats to Jety! She really is the overlord of this tournament lol

  2. Award David and Goliath, player Krzysiek for 100% winrate against Jety (4-0)

  3. Thanks for the pwnage m0ti, and congratz Jety, Krzy, winners of JDC and JDCE respectively, and really to everyone who made the last JDC as fun as it was!

  4. :)))

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