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JDCE Signups Open

JDCE Signups Open

Signups for the newest edition of the JDCE Duel tournament are now open! If you intend to take part, please respond to this post by saying "In".

The deadline for signups is Sunday 23rd June at 23:59 CEST.

More information about JDCE, as well as the rules along with the new mappool can be seen here.

Also, please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions.


  1. In

  2. In

  3. In

  4. In

  5. In

  6. Zen in the house

  7. In

  8. In

  9. In

  10. In

  11. In

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  13. in

  14. Deleted what was an antisemitic comment.

  15. And banned multiple accounts over continued antisemitism.

    J2O, and by extension JDC, does not tolerate any racial prejudice.

  16. the vulgarity in the comments earlier was an overreaction. (sorry about that.)

  17. in

  18. In if still open

    A7med sign up l0ser

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