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JDC Season 32 Awards

JDC Season 32 Awards

First and foremost, I offer my most sincere apologies for how long it took to finish off the last off the event scores and get the awards posted...

ChampionSuperjazz2043 points
JDCE Champion114 (Krzysiek)1st place in JDCE
Duel HeromastersvenMost duel wins (18)
King of the Ring114 (Krzysiek)2 ODT wins
The Real MVPA7medMost team game wins (15)
Contest Victorminmay10 events won
Life of the Partyminmay1101 event points
Casualty Soldier114 (Krzysiek)101:54 roast:fall ratio
Enemy Ravager114 (Krzysiek)Longest duel win streak (+11)
JDC SuperfanBad Bee37 total matches played
Event RegularZero30 events played
Loves EveryoneBad Bee13 unique opponents
Obsessive DuellistBad Bee9 duels in one day (on 29th November 2022)
Inseperable PartnersA7med & Lynx5 team games played together
Viva Las Vegas!PurpleJazz106 points won from betting
Fastest Rabbit AliveminmayWon the Race event
CommentatorLooneyLongest average match comments (473 characters)
Always the BridesmaidNapsMost event points without winning an event (308)
Stop TryingZero6 duel losses against Bad Bee
Calamity JaneBad BeeLongest duel losing streak (-7)
It's Just Not Working OutA7med & Lynx4 team game losses together
I Have A Gambling ProblemBad Bee79 points lost from betting
Most Disruptive Name< < S t e f k o > C D F >Broke the scoreboard (again)
PURPLEJAZZ SUCKSPurpleJazzTook way too long to finish the scores >:(

...but hopefully this makes up for it by me posting the awards as promptly as I can after finishing the event scores. I note that for subsequent seasons we will be looking to greatly speed up the turnaround time for event scoring.

Thank you to everyone for coming together for a fantastic JDC season! Congratulations to Superjazz, our Season 32 champion!

Now that Season 32 has been finalised, I can announce that a Season 33 is very likely to go ahead in the quite near future! Please stay tuned for further announcements.


  1. yay!

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