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JDC Season 30 Has Begun

JDC Season 30 Has Begun

I am happy to announce that Round 1 of JDC's 30th season is now officially underway!

First off, I'd like to personally apologise for the delayed start. I take full responsibility for this happening due to me being disorganised and not making adequate prior preparations beforehand. Hopefully I can make it up to all of you by bringing you a great season! Better late than never, eh?

Round 1 is going to last until next Monday (29th July) instead of the usual weekend changeover in order to compensate for the delay. We've got a fun and straightforward round challenge to kick things off, which will be well worth your while attempting if you're chasing the points!

This brings me to a special announcement regarding this season. We, the JDC team, have decided to add a new rule regarding duel submissions:

All invitational JDC duels (except those under special circumstances such as tournaments) now require at least one member of JDC staff to be present to act as a referee to ensure the legitimacy the match.

Furthermore, only JDC staff are now able to submit and verify these duels.

Submission rules for team games remain unchanged, however.

While this may seem like a radical change, this rule is in effect to ensure that no "fake" duels are submitted and that matches are played fairly. In past seasons there have been several cases of questionable duels being submitted in addition to cases where others appeared to be intentionally "feeding" points to other players. Ultimately JDC is a tournament, and we strive to keep it as competitive as possible, while also being fun and inclusive for all.

You needn't feel put off playing duels however - the best thing to do is to request a "Duel Club" where a member of the JDC team can oversee and submit a number of duels in a single session in one of the dedicated multiplayer servers.

These will be listed as their own event type when they are running, so keep checking the JDC site if you're keen to take part or just want to watch! You can either approach an offical online or send a message to one of us on Discord. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, either.

Finally, huge shout out to Lynx for the amazing logo she made for this season. :)

Thank you for your patience, and I wish you a very happy JDC 30! Best of luck to you all!


  1. \o/

  2. That's quite an evil change and basically makes it a JDC-staff-win-only (CJ :D) tournament. Perhaps, to make it fair for non JDC staff, you should consider forcing JDC staff to ask for another JDC official/admin to ensure it's legitimacy too. I know that sounds drastic, but else it will highly affect activity, the duel spam will be over and only admins/officials can play whenever they want.

  3. I think the freedom of playing duels at any point is one of the most important features to attract activity in a low playerbase. I don't think calling in an official is necessarily evil, it just feels like a very annoying rule. I feel like there could be better solutions based on collecting more data and post-reviewing games that were potentionally sketchy. You could leave a stream open in a server and require ppl to play in that, you can look at the chatlog/playlog of that server etc.

  4. Judging based on the first two days, this JDC season could really be focused solely on Jety, at least in terms of duel points. Apparently she has 100% of all duels played so far in JDC 30, and she also won ODT #1. Furthermore, she is undefeated so far in duels this JDC season, having won each by a sizable margin. JDCE is lucky she didn't sign up for the 2v2 tournament, although I jokingly invited her to be my teammate, I wasn't willing to sign up myself at all.

    I think that requiring a JDC official to referee all JDC duels might actually incentivize more JDC officials to be active in JJ2. Otherwise it will just be impossible for anyone to play duels for JDC. Considering that, it also requires JDC referees to be somewhat unbiased in whether they will allow certain players to play duels. If JDC officials were to boycott refereeing duels for any player in particular, they would essentially be eliminated from having the chance to play for JDC points, if they are primarily a duelist. I suppose this system rewards playing team games for JDC, by creating a conditional scenario where only at certain points in time are JDC duels allowed (when a referee is available). However, looking at activity recently, this hasn't been the case -- it's just been Jety playing team games for non-JDC only (so others can't get JDC points from team games) and meanwhile she is seemingly the only one really asking for JDC duels.

    That being said, my assessment is skewed based on only looking at the first couple days of round 1.

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