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Addressing some scoring issues

Addressing some scoring issues

I've (re-)deployed a fix for some scoring issues that have been plaguing this season. Some of you have gained some points you should have received but didn't, but overall standings are the same.

Apologies for the delay with this fix; I've had very limited internet access over the past few weeks. Please let me know in the comments if there are any lingering issues.

PS: This fix supersedes one that was announced a few hours ago. This should be of particular interest to Jety, who replied to that one with a further bug report that is hopefully addressed with this fix as well.

Edit: I've fixed a further issue that resulted in some more points being lost (thanks for the report, Jety). Again this does not change the rankings (of the top 10 at the least) but it does give some of you more points.


  1. JDC is finished, but as i noticed today, scores were fixed not fully and only at some certain ways which aren't so correct for many specific matches. Final manual fix of scores, which surely would affect on rankings (about which i explained at many reports already) didn't happen yet. Also some submitted and verified matches are just disappeared in nowhere at time when some scores were recalculated. It's oblivious, that there is a mistake at calculating scores even at my first duel match and surely at many next matches. Probably it's not hard to recalculate everything manually correct this time for real, but it will take time. I will check everything again in September, to be sure that everything is fixed.

  2. That is not a useful comment. Please point at matches that you think gave wrong scores so we can take a look at them and correct if necessary. If you don't do that, there's nothing we can do with your comment.

  3. How scores should be calculated (from Scoring page), using my 1st duel match as example, player quakity is 50% before the 1st 4 matches for both opponents: match points = rc × ppw × wf × (rff + wm + qf) = 1 x 25 x 1 x ((10-0)/(10+0) + 1 + (50-50)/2) = 50 match points (i got a different value of match points for that duel). ALL matches of every player should be recalculated with counting proper player quality at the time when match was played and without missing rc. Also some points should be fixed manually after that: https://pastebin.com/Ltq3auSu Yeah, it's not fixed yet.

  4. Repeat coëfficient (rc) at scoring points in duels of many players was just missed in first 3 jdc rounds (it wasn't fixed yet after my last report, only quality factor was fixed for match points), 2nd duel against same opponent in same jdc round - 80% of points, 3rd - 60% and so on till 20% for 5th and next duels in same jdc round. Another bug appeared after recalculating scores: duelists were getting bonus points for dueling same opponent again in same jdc round too.

  5. Thanks! Can we hire you as beta tester? ;)

  6. u will be paid with nice number of duels against PJ with no timelimit :)))))))

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