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JDCE Round 4 Matchups

JDCE Round 4 Matchups

Here are the pairings for JDCE round 4:

Bracket A (Finals):

  • Hyperion vs PurpleJazz (✓)

Bracket B:

  • Firerabbit vs Lahm (A)
  • Loon vs Ragnarok (A)
  • Lazzaro vs Krzysiek (F)

Bracket C:

  • Anubis vs Sir Ementaler (✓)
  • Naps vs KRSplat (✓)
  • Tictac vs Mastersven (A)

Bracket D (Losers):

  • cooba vs Smoke (A)

Please submit your screenshots to a JDC admin (me, cooba, Ragnarok or Stijn) so we can add your duels for you. You have until Sunday 10th September. If you're not sure how to contact us, you may instead link to the screenshots in the comments section of this post (use an image sharing service like imgur).

NOTE: Please ignore the matchups for round 4 on the challonge page, as they are mostly incorrect.


  1. Tictac is nowhere to be found :(

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