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JDC Season 32 is Open for Business!

JDC Season 32 is Open for Business!

With the thrilling opening event having now come to a conclusion, I am happy to announce that this season is now open for duel and team game submissions!

Please read the FAQ for more information about JDC, and check out the Scoring Guide if you're looking for detail on how the scoring system works.

Furthermore, there are still a number of places available for JDCE available, so please sign up soon if you're interested in participating!

Finally, I'd like to point out that we've added a field on your user profiles to record your Discord handle. This will be very handy for others to get in touch with you regarding match arrangements, so I invite you all to share your Discord username so that others have a convenient way of getting in contact with you. It also helps JDC staff identify you when it comes to scoring for events.


  1. Perhaps it would be wise to add a way for players to select their own clan, since currently the player list doesn't indicate the correct clan for most players.

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