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JDCE will be returning alongside JDC 30! However, this time with a twist;

JDCE 30 will be a 2v2 tournament, whereby each player must partner up with a player that is NOT in the same clan (or hasn't been for at least 3 months). Please note that there will be NO group stages, as they drag out tournaments too much. Instead, it’ll be a simple knockout format (eg. Single or Double Elimination). Mappool and further rules to follow.

If you are interested in signing up, please write a comment below:

• If wanting to sign up with a pre-selected partner, write “in" followed by your partner's name - and that player must do the same, followed by your name.

• If wanting to sign up and be randomly assigned a partner, write “in with random player".

The signup deadline is 20 July 2019!

EDIT: Signups are now closed - 16 players. :) - Anyone else who signs up will be considered a RESERVE.


  1. Krzy and SMOAK gonna win it all! EZ

  2. in with random player

  3. Naps and Lynx :p

  4. Lynx and Naps

  5. in, with Purplejazz

  6. in with Hyperion

  7. in with random player

  8. in with batata

  9. In with Lazzaro

  10. in with anyone except jety

  11. In with A7med

  12. in with random player

  13. In with random player.

  14. gib teammate pl0x

  15. In with Ragnarok

  16. in with Krzysiek

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