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JDC Round 2

JDC Round 2

General Stuff: CONGRATULATIONS TO LOONEY FOR WINNING ROUND 1. Round 2 has now begun; the main notable change is that the base points per win has increased from 5 to 10.

Challenge of the Round: The challenge of the round is to win at least five 2v2s with the same partner within this round. Because of the added difficulty, this challenge will be worth 40 points.

JDCE Updates: 6/8 duels have been completed for JDCE round 1, and due to a lack of availability, two of the players from round 1 have been substituted.

These players should aim to complete their duels before: 00:00 Monday 21st August to ensure that round 2 can commence without too much delay;

  • Krzysiek (Fukushima, Gauntlet) vs Anubis (Scrapyard, The Astrolabe)
  • Lazarro (Fukushima, Robust Ruins) vs master sven (Fukushima, Re-Purposed Offshore Platform)

The rest of the matchups will be announced the moment these duels are completed.

Live standings can be seen HERE.

Happy duelling!


  1. The E in JDCE is for "Emmentalation?" I dunno what it means, but these days you know - we all need some SE'O

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