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Season 26 kicks off soon!

Season 26 kicks off soon!

Season 26 is to officially start on Friday 17th February after the opening event (which starts at 18:00 GMT).

New scoring system

This season comes with a new scoring system, which we hope will make participating in JDC more fun for everyone. Instead of calculating your round score based on your overall performance, you get a certain amount of points per match now, which remains fixed after the match is verified. You'll be able to see exactly how many points you got right after submitting a match. We recommend that you check the FAQ for the precise details, but in summary, these are the most important points:

  • 2on2s and 3on3s are now one big category called 'team games' and are scored the same as duels. All players now have a 'team quality' rating that is separate from their player quality, based on their performance in team games.
  • You'll get a certain amount of points for winning a match, calculated from a base amount listed in the sidebar. You'll get more points for more impressive results, e.g. winning from someone with higher quality than you, or with a big score difference.
  • You'll usually lose a (smaller) amount of points if you lose the match, unless the result is really close and the opponent was better than you.
  • Each time you play a duel versus someone you haven't played before in a round, you'll get free points from your bonus pool. You get these points even if you lose. Your remaining bonus pool for this round is shown under your name in the upper right corner of the site. Team games give no bonus points, and your bonus pool is refilled at the start of each round.

A few other housekeeping points

  • We now require a scores screenshot to be uploaded with every submitted match. So don't forget to make one when your match is finished!
  • Please log in to your JDC accounts in order to be allowed to participate in JDC events.
  • JDCE will possibly return based on interest levels. Please comment on this post saying "in" if you wish to participate and further information will be released after the start of JDC 26.
  • PurpleJazz has been promoted and is now a JDC admin. Congratulations!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!


  1. This scoring system sounds better, too!

  2. Sounds good, as I definitely need the bonus pool to score anything on my level of skill, haha.

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