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Good Old GOG

Good Old GOG

As promised one month ago, we will be awarding free GOG games to the winners of main events and challenges of this season.

Jety, Sir Ementaler, Krzysiek, Violet CLM, mastersven, Superjazz, Jelly Jam, TreyLina, ShakerNL, DawidPracki0012 - Congratulations!

Contact an administrator for a download code. If there's one of the two games you have a preference for, please say so and we'll try to accommodate your choice, although first come, first served.


  1. Full breakdown of the awards:

    ODT Winner: Jety

    Xmas Event: Sir Ementaler

    JB: Krzysiek

    Pest: Violet CLM

    Xmas Championship: Mastersven

    Instagib: Superjazz

    Assassination: Jelly Jam

    Collectathon: TreyLina

    Closing Event: ShakerNL

    Season: DawidPracki0012

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