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Last round of JDC 28

Last round of JDC 28

We now have entered the last week of this season. I've set up the round settings to be slightly more rewarding for the final round, so grab those points while you still can.

I've already listed the final event for next Sunday. I'm looking for gamemode and level suggestions, comment below!

I'll sum up the round challenges and set up the final challenge later today. Meanwhile, congratulations to Krzysiek for winning the Christmas Championship!

Enjoy round 4.



  2. Skyward Showdown in Head Hunters.

  3. Assasination/Assault

  4. The one who manages to beat Jety gets 1000 bonus points?

  5. good idea MS, i suggest new gamemode - Jety vs all. anyone who defeat jety wins JDC.

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