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JDC Season 27 Awards

JDC Season 27 Awards

With the closing event firmly behind us and the last JDCE matches just in, it's time for the Season 27 awards! Without further ado:

JDC ChampionJety1564 points
JDCE ChampionHyperionFirst place
Clan CupCracco Clan111 clan points
Duel HeroJety96% duel wins (104:4)
The Real MVPHyperion69% team wins (11:5)
Life of the PartyJety449 event points
Round MasterLooney2 rounds won
Bounty HunterWarrenCollected 4 bounties
Serial KillerJetyLongest win streak (47)
Big Game HuntermastersvenLargest streak broken (47)
Bravery awardShakerNL84% avg opponent quality
Casualty SoldierJety1025:214 (4.78) roast:fall
JDC SuperfanJety108 matches (duels) total
Team PlayerA7med40 team games
Event RegularJety15 event showings
Loves EveryoneLooney21 separate opponents
Obsessive DuellistLooney14 duels on 24 August
InseparableKing/Ragnarok/mastersven8 team games together
Newbie CrusherJety34% avg opponent quality
Stop TryingDawidPracki001221 losses against Jety
Most hashtagsLooney494 hashtags in comments

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Jety again dominates, taking the big prize (JDC Champion) as well as a number of smaller ones. Impressively, she managed to play 4 duels more than last season, in spite of this season's slightly lower overall activity.

Hyperion also takes home two big awards, being both the most valuable player in team games and the winner of this season's JDCE tournament, which cements his position as perhaps this season's best allround player.

While this season saw less matches played than the previous one, I think we can look back on a series of good games and events nonetheless, and on behalf of the JDC officials I'd like to thank everyone for participating. We hope to see you back next time!


  1. I think we can say Hyperion is the best allround player of the latest (last) era of jj2 ;)

  2. It was fun while it lasted! I can't wait for the next season! c:

    Good job for that award, Butt Guy! (you know who you are)

  3. This season was once again a lot of fun, and I want to express my gratitude to everyone for participating in JDC. Thanks for making this great tournament so freaking awesome.

  4. Hyperion sure made things most interesting this time. However, I'd say MS' break of Jety's streak tops as most daring accomplishment. ;)

  5. "I think we can say Hyperion is the best allround player of the latest (last) era of jj2 ;)"


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