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JDC 25 Awards

JDC 25 Awards

I bring to you, the JDC awards for season 25!

Jazz Duelist ChampionWarren1069 points
JDCE ChampionHyperionFirst place in JDCE 25
Duel HeroHyperion32 duel wins
Duel Master*Hyperion97% win percentage for duels
Rabbit ExterminatorPurpleJazz182 roasts/ctf points/2on2 Points
Enemy RavagerHyperion+32 win streak
The Other CheekNaps-31 win streak
Casualty Soldier*Hyperion5.55:1 roast:fall ratio
jdc megafan #1Naps49 matches played
Dedicated Event PlayerPurpleJazz and Treylina12 events* played
Bravery Award*Warren65% average opponent quality
Newbie Crusher*m0tiszon46% average opponent quality
CTF Master*Rew80% win percentage for 2on2s
Inseparable PartnersKRSplat and Warren5 2on2 games played together
Obsessive DuelerSmoke10 duels played on a single day*
Loves EveryonetictacFought 16 separate opponents
Stop TryingNaps6 duel losses against Hyperion
CommentatorLooney205 characters per comment on average

Once again - on behalf of the JDC crew, a huge thank you to everyone who made this JDC as fun as it was!


  1. GJ to the winners and to the awards beinh posted so quick after the season!

    Hyperion (hi Ei) really owned the season this time around! :D

  2. :3

  3. Back in the old good days, me and Quickz dueled 56 separate opponents to get the Inseparable Partners award :D

  4. gg

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