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Folder "/rawscores"

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Folder description

This folder contains all the "raw score" spreadsheets for the events. 
If you are an official who does events, you should be able to upload 
things to this folder. All filenames should conform to the standard 
format. It is also advised that you upload scores as a spreadsheet in
xls format. Regular xls is preferred over xlsx, since the latter is only
available to office 2007 users, while the former can be opened by pretty
much everything.

The current format is this:

JDC [season] [yy-mm-dd] [event].xls

For example, if the season was 16, the date was December 30, 2008, and 
the event was Elmo Breakdance, the filename would be this:

JDC 16 08-12-30 Elmo Breakdance.xls

Past seasons used different naming conventions. Please stick to the one
outlined in this file for the current season.  -EvilMike