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JDC Season 33 begins!

JDC Season 33 begins!

With the conclusion of the Opening Event, the season is now open for business.

Happy duelling everyone!

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  1. Less goo!

  2. There should be separate age groups for JDC to make it fair. It's not fair for younger players and older players to compete in the same tournament. At least divide JDC between kids and adults. To implement age restrictions for JDC duels would be very helpful and also practical, maybe it could be: Ages 0-12 (beginner) Ages 13-20 (developmental) Ages 21-30 (advanced) Ages 31+ (hardcore players) etc. This would also work toward avoiding any re-occurring problems with "grooming" or with "highly skilled" players abusively dueling against "novice level" players. Those numbers probably aren't right, they should be more strict at younger ages and more lenient at older ages. However it would make JDC a much more legitimate competitive tournament. In the past, highly skilled players could abuse the JDC points system by playing against novice level players. That would be a wrongful practice because it prevents novice players from having the opportunity to develop their skills. It'd be great if there was a formal standard for who can play against who, when it comes down to novice players being younger and skilled players being older. Nothing happens overnight and there's no way, for example a 10-year-old who's just starting out cannot beat a 30-year-old with a lifetime of experience.

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