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JDC Season 30 is now closed for business

JDC Season 30 is now closed for business

After an epic finale, JDC Season 30 has now finally come to an end. Thanks to everyone who made it an enjoyable season, and keep an eye out for Season 31 in the hopefully-not-too-distant future!

However, some JDCE matches are still left to be played, so you are urged to finish those as soon as possible, else inactive teams may be forfeited.

We hope to bring the remaining event scores and the JDC awards as soon as possible.


  1. [12:02:41] /SPLÅTÛ\~çx: it was intense jdc season 30 [12:02:44] /SPLÅTÛ\~çx: tensions were flared [12:02:59] /SPLÅTÛ\~çx: noobs were pwned [12:03:04] /SPLÅTÛ\~çx: pros were ddossed [12:03:10] /SPLÅTÛ\~çx: yet [12:03:15] Jety: didn't get enough played matches [12:03:21] /SPLÅTÛ\~çx: the strongest rabbits survived

  2. well if the pro members ddosed and noobs got pwned then how to make JDC fun more because if noobs got pwned and pros got ddosed is this problems will still in the next JDC?

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