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The Silver Nemesis

The Silver Nemesis

Some time has passed since I've written a news item on JDC. I thought I wouldn't do it ever again, in fact. Truth is, I fully expected to slide into retirement from JJ2, and spend the rest of my days enjoying long drinks at the beach and wearing orthopedic shoes on my way to the pharmacist.

Since my dear friends Ragnarok and PurpleJazz have been moving mountains to keep the duel machine oiled and running, it would be vain of me to assume that my absence has been noticed - so I don't foresee many comments saying "cooba you retired" (and other misspellings of that last word).

I'm doing an exception this season, for a simple reason. In 24 hours from the submission of this news post, Jazz Jackrabbit will be 25 years old. A quarter of a century since a cocky rabbit with floppy body parts and a big compensating gun set out on his interstellar turtle-killing adventure! Can you believe it? Well, not the story, it didn't actually happen, but the anniversary.

To do our part in celebrating the occassion, I'll be hosting an event comprised purely of levels with JJ1 tilesets. The fact that new ones keep coming out reflects well on how good and how beloved the original game remains to this day!

But, that's not all - there will also be a twist involved in the event. That's right, I "invented" a "new" game mode again. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, and I hope to see you all on Thursday evening.

PS. I already have a level list of JJ1-themed levels that's longer than a Leonard Cohen song, but if you have any favorites you'd like to see in the event, leave me a shout in the comments.


  1. long live JJ1 levels!

  2. cooba you retird

  3. cooba I wanna enjoy those long drinks together with you in the beautiful sunset of mlcrackdown...;)...or you can have some Zubr too if you like!

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