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JDCE 30 begins!

JDCE 30 begins!

This post marks the beginning of JDCE 30!

So what do I need to do?

Please organise your matches between your opponents, listed here: https://challonge.com/bdg9qjh0

Also note, that it is a double elimination tournament, so you’re not out if you lose once.

What are the rules for the 2v2 matches?

The 2v2s are to be up till a scorelimit of 5, and a timelimit of 10, with OVERTIME ON (for 24 hours, no ties, only winners). Remember to take screenshots of your matches and to post them also.

How are we meant to pick levels?

Each team has vetoed two maps each, from a pool of 11 levels. Each team is allowed to pick a map of the remaining maps, and announce them simultaneously. You are permitted to pick the colour in your opponent’s map-choice, and whichever player has highest JDC points overall has the choice of which map gets played first. If there is no player with the most points, then have a JDC official to do a coin flip.

Finally, no map can be picked more than two times in the entire tournament by any one team (excluding tiebreakers).

What is the mappool for JDCE?

  • The Astrolabe (vetoed by: AhMo/Lahm)

  • Employee of the Month (vetoed by: Herobrine/Grytmastern, Naps/Lynx, Rag/PurpleJazz, A7med/Batata)

  • Epitome

  • Gauntlet (vetoed by: Krzysiek/Smoke, Lazarro/Hyperion)

  • Hall of the Mountain King (vetoed by: FireRabbit/SuperJazz)

  • Re-Purposed Offshore Platform (vetoed by: Herobrine/Grytmastern, Naps/Lynx, FireRabbit/SuperJazz, A7med/Batata, AhMo/Lahm)

  • Scrapyard

  • Stronghold (vetoed by Rag/Purplejazz, Lazarro/Hyperion)

  • Swingin' Jazz

  • Trigelateral v4 (vetoed by Krzysiek/Smoke)

  • Wicked Wood

How are the matches to be scored?

All matches will be score-based. In the event of a tie (eg. 2-5, 5-2), there will be a tiebreaker round (without overtime), where each team will ban levels 1 by 1 from the mappool until 1 remains. Please note, vetoes are nullified in tiebreakers, so you have a full 11-map pool to play with. Whichever team has the player with most points on JDC will ban a map first, and will also have the privilege of picking team colours. If the tiebreaker match ends as a tie, both teams will play the same map again, but swap colours. Overtime MUST be on the second time (if it comes to it).

Do I submit our matches to JDC?

Yes, you must. Please get a screenshot and submit it alongside your matches. Also please label your levelname with [JDCE] at the end (on both levels if applicable).

GET PLAYING – your deadline to have at least two whole matches done is 04 Aug 2019.

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