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The Christmas Championship begins!

The Christmas Championship begins!

Happy holidays!

It's time to kick off the round challenge for the round 2. Therefore, I gladly present to you the Christmas Championship mini-tournament!

What do I need to do?

First off, leave a comment under this newspost saying "in" to be in! Only the first 8 people to sign up get to participate, so be fast! After the signups, a standard tournament structure will be set up.

How are the duels to be done?

The duels are to be up to 5 points and will NOT be time-based. Remember to take screenshots of your duels and post them.

What is the mappool?

Just Got Carrot Away (elmsjgca)

Junkyard Blues (naivctf04)

The Melting Point (olctmp)

Light Switch (evilctf23)

Winter Melody (olctfmelody)

How are we meant to pick levels?

If you can agree on a level between you, then that’s great. However, I imagine that being harder to achieve in practice, so each player can choose one map each and submit both duels separately. You are permitted to pick the colour in your opponent’s map choice and vice-versa.



  1. in

  2. in

  3. in

  4. in

  5. in

  6. in provisionally, but I'll step aside if anyone else wants to play

  7. in

  8. in

  9. I'll allow for two more people to sign up to replace the ones who are quitters from the beginning.

  10. I guess I can replace quitters as usual :P

  11. Shame I missed the signups but holy shit, I can't believe someone actually remembered that Holiday Hare level I did, haha.

  12. in

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