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JDCE Round 2 Matchups

JDCE Round 2 Matchups

Here are the pairings for JDCE round 2:

Bracket 1: (Round 1 Winners)

  • Hyperion vs Sir Ementaler (✓)
  • Krzysiek vs Loon (✓)
  • Lazzaro vs Ragnarok (✓)
  • PurpleJazz vs Lahm (✓)

Bracket 2: (Round 1 Losers)

  • Anubis vs cooba (A)
  • KRSplat vs Smoke (✓)
  • Mastersven vs Firerabbit (✓)
  • Tictac vs Naps (✓)

You have until Friday 25th August to play your duel. Have fun, and please contact me if for whatever reason you won't be able to play your duel on time!

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