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JDCE Round 2

JDCE Round 2

JDCE has eliminated 7 players and there are eight remaining. Congratulations to those who passed. You can see the next matchups HERE.

What do I need to do? Play a match against the next opponent in the tournament tree, continuously. Also, please submit up to TWO vetoes from the 9 levels in the mappool (below) into the comments section of this post. You will NOT be allowed to change your veto after your first match.

How are the duels to be done? The duels are to be up to 5 points and will NOT be time-based. Remember to take screenshots of your duels.

What is the mappool for the JDCE knockout stage? You are suggested but not limited to these maps if your opponent agrees otherwise;

  • Dilapidation (xlmdilap)

  • Gauntlet (gauntlet)

  • Happy Semiconductor CTF (elmhsemi)

  • Minimal Duel (navctf01)

  • Moonlit Harbor (olcbat06)

  • Starlit CTF (pluctf02)

  • Swingin' Jazz (bbswing)

  • The Astrolabe (ezastro)

  • Wicked Wood (xlmww)

Note: Whoever has more JDC points has to pick first.

How are the duels scored? Duels for the knockout-stage are score-based and not round-based. If the game is a tie overall (eg. 5-2 and 2-5; 7-7 is not possible unless two matches were played), then a tiebreaker is necessary and each player will in turn veto levels until there is one level remaining from the pool. Whoever has more JDC points will veto first. Duels must be submitted to JDC with the JDCE tag at the end.

How is the rest of the tournament structured? The tournament is a double elimination format, meaning if you lose you will be moved to the lower bracket and are only out if you lose twice.

A final note: JDCE will award a grand total of 175 points to the winner.


  1. I veto Gauntlet and Happy Semiconductor CTF

  2. veto semi/ww

  3. minimal duel/ww

  4. My vetoes are Gauntlet and WW.

  5. semi/minimal duel :)

  6. xlmdilap navctf01

  7. ww and minimal duel

  8. dilap and olcbat06 pls

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