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Folder "/eventlevels"

  1. Up one level
  2. Flagrun
  3. Battle
  4. Treasure
  5. Ground Force
  6. Assault
  7. Multiple
  8. Bank Robbery
  9. Head Hunters
  10. ODT Arena
  11. Assassination
  12. CTF
  13. Race
  14. Goldrush
  15. Clan Arena
  16. Jailbreak
  17. Domination
  18. Double Domination
  19. Read this.txt

Folder description

This is folder for event levels for season 16 onwards. From now on,
there is no need to rename levels to conform to any sort of jdc standard.
Simply upload the levels to the appropriate folder, and provide a zip
file. Also make sure you upload a levellist.ini, seperate from the zip,
which contains all the levels in that folder. This will be for officials
to use when hosting events.

For Battle and CTF mode, do not upload levels directly into that folder.
Instead, create a sub-folder within that which contains the level pack.
The reason for this is there are hundreds of battle and CTF levels, and
different events will use different level lists. -EvilMike