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Statistics for season 31

No data available. This player hasn't played in any matches or events this season!


Season Award
21 (Winter 2012/13) JDC Champion
Duel Hero
Rabbit Exterminator
Dedicated Player
Loves Everyone
Common Matchup (vs Plumbe)
18 (Winter 2009/2010) Best Partners (with Hitch)
Loves Everyone
17 (Summer 2009) Dedicated Player
Loves Everyone
16 (Winter 2008/2009) Rabbit Exterminator
Dedicated Event Player
Event Master
Team Player
Best Matchup (vs CelL)
15 (Summer 2008) Dedicated Player
Loves Everyone
Most Spontaneous
13 (Summer 2007) Not Just Battle1
12 (Summer 2006) Rabbit Exterminator
Dedicated Player
Team Player
Inseparable Partners (with Sasik)
Find A New Partner (with maverick & with Cooba)
I <3 Awards