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That one David Bowie song

That one David Bowie song

JDC will return for Season 31 on June 6th.

Welcome back! I don't know about you but this felt like a very long year. The fact that I've been isolating from the virus for what feels like two decades doesn't help that.

It is now time for another season of JDC, and once again we're rolling out some changes - you know, gotta keep the audience on the toes a little bit, introduce a little tension here and there, tweak some bonus values a little, that sort of thing, so the tournament never gets too boring...

No duels, 2on2s, or 3on3s this season...

We've been moving towards this direction for some time now, but only now we've finally decided to fully commit. We feel that a duels have long since stopped being the main attraction behind JDC, and the math supports that conclusion - despite tinkering with the scoring system for years, then fully overhauling it a few seasons ago, it proved difficult to maintain a strong level of activity through the years, even as season length has been radically cut from what it once used to be.

...but eventful times are coming

This will allow us to put full focus on what we believe to be the actual focal point of JDC: events, and a lot of them! We'll be checking out as many gamemodes as possible, even those previously thought impossible or forgotten. And, yes, there will be Pit Fight and ODTs too - so don't worry, duels aren't completely gone. Especially because...

JDCE will return

...and will be bigger than ever.

An announcement with sign-ups will follow shortly.

Communication improvements

I'll admit that keeping everybody updated regularly was never our strongest point. We decided to try and solve this by creating a Discord server dedicated purely for JDC, which should ideally become the new "hub" for all discussion regarding events, JDCE, and other things such as a new logo contest(!!)

Click HERE to join the server.

Staff updates

With the new focus on events, we'll be on the lookout for new JDC officials. Expect a post about this soon!

In addition, Seren will be joining the administrator team this season. His contributions to the community as a level designer and programmer have been invaluable, and his tendency to push things beyond their limit his impartial approach, makes him a perfect addition to the position. I trust we'll do great things together!

That's it for now. See you in two weeks, and remember to join the JDC Discord!


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