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JDC 30 Awards

JDC 30 Awards

Massive apologies for the long wait, but at last I am proud to present this season's awards! Better late than never, eh? ;)

ChampionJety2250 points
JDCE ChampionsKrzysiek & Anna1st place in JDCE
Duel HeroJety100% duel wins (204:0)
King of the RingSuperjazz2 ODT wins
The Real MVPLazzaro86% team game wins (6:1)
Contest VictorJety & Seren7 events won
Life of the PartySeren1318 event points
Always the BridesmaidNapsMost event points without winning an event (767)
Bravery AwardEmpive81% average opponent quality
Casualty SoldierJety2110:73 (28.9) roast:fall
JDC SuperfanJety204 total matches played
Event RegularSeren23 event showings
Loves EveryoneJety20 unique opponents
Obsessive DuellistLooney18 duels in one day (on 24th August)
Viva Las Vegas!Maha116 points won from betting
Fastest Rabbit AliveSuperjazz4 race rounds won
Absolute UnitSuperjazz4 titan duels won
Newbie CrusherJety13% average opponent quality
I Have A Gambling ProblemPurpleJazz & A7med73 points lost from betting
Stop TryingEmpive55 losses against Jety (failed to beat previous record of 59!)
Most Disruptive Name< < S t e f k o > C D F >Broke the scoreboard

Thank you to everyone who made this season so enjoyable, and we hope to bring you the next season at some point in the relatively near future. Stay tuned for further announcements!


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