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JDCE 30 Update

JDCE 30 Update

Due to a lack of availability, and agreement by their opposition, Smoke has been dropped, and now Kryzsiek is partnered with Anna.

I understand this may have affected vetoes for certain teams, so all teams (except Krzysiek/Anna) that have played two matches, or are about to play vs the aforementioned team within their first two matches, are allowed to reset one veto with a deadline of 23:59 GMT 05 Aug 2019.

Please note, you must comment which map you are removing as a veto, and which one you are adding as a veto.

Click here to see current standings: https://challonge.com/bdg9qjh0

Current Veto List:

The updated teams (and vetoes) are as follows:

  • Krzysiek + Anna (Gauntlet & Trig)

  • Herobrine + Grytmastern (EOTM & RPOP)

  • Naps + Lynx (EOTM & RPOP)

  • Ragnarok + Purplejazz (EOTM & Stronghold)

  • Lazarro + Hyperion (Stronghold & WW)

  • Firerabbit + Superjazz (HMK & RPOP)

  • A7med + batata (EOTM & Epitome)

  • AhMo + Lahm (Astro & EOTM)


  1. Lazzaro and I will remove Gauntlet from our veto's and add WW as our new veto.

  2. Lahm and Ahmo : Remove RPOP , Add EOTM

  3. LahMo

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