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JDCE begins!

JDCE begins!

Hello duellists, this newspost marks the start of JDCE. We have 15 entrants, resulting in a group stage. There will be five groups of 3 players viewable below. Please read the rules carefully.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
KRSplat Lahm Krzysiek Ragnarok P-F
Firerabbit moti A7med Smoke Hyperion
tictac Rew Lazzaro PurpleJazz cooba

So what do I need to do? Please play a match against each opponent in your group (it’s as simple as that).

How are the duels to be done? The duels are to be up to 5 points and will NOT be time-based. Remember to take screenshots of your duels and post them with our new system.

How are we meant to pick levels? If you can agree on a level between you, then that’s great. However, I imagine that being harder to achieve in practice, so each player can choose one map each and submit both duels separately. You are permitted to pick the colour in your opponent’s map choice and vice-versa.

What is the mappool for the JDCE group stage? You are suggested but not limited to these maps if your opponent agrees otherwise;

Epitome (mlynepitome)

Gauntlet (gauntlet)

Scrapyard (xlmscrapyard)

Superconductor CTF (elmsuper)

Swingin’ Jazz (bbswing)

Tyuka’s Realm Forsaken (olctrf)

Moonlit Harbor (olcbat06)

Please note that the mappool will CHANGE after the group stage. You are able to impact this change by voting your top 3 maps in the comments below (if you are participating). You will be allowed to veto maps next round, but there will be no vetoing for the group stage.

How are the duels scored? Duels for the group-stage are score-based and not round-based. If the game is a tie overall (eg. 5-2 and 2-5; 7-7 is not possible unless two matches were played), then submit it as such.

Who goes to the next round? The top performer in each group will definitely pass to the knockout stage. The top 3 performers of the 2nd places in each group will also pass to the next stage, leaving a total of 8 players for a knockout format.

What if you can’t do your duel? Post a comment here below and inform me of the situation.

Do I submit my duels to JDC? Yes, you must, and label the match with “[JDCE]” at the end of the levelname (of both if applicable).

PLEASE NOTE that the rules/mappool are subject to change once we reach a knockout stage of the tournament.


  1. Stronghold Wicked Wood Distorted Quarry

    Because why not.

  2. Gauntlet , MD and Wicked Wood.

  3. Semi, Epitome and Gauntlet

  4. Nightwalker, Moonlit Harbor, Minimal Duel

  5. TRF, Super, Harbor

  6. Semi , Ezastro :) :p

  7. All Your Base CTF, Starlit CTF, Security Breach v2

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