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The Dawn of JDCE (again (again))!

The Dawn of JDCE (again (again))!

Posting on Ragnarok's behalf:

Hi guys! This newspost marks the start of JDCE. We have 16 entrants and some reserves (which I guess can be announced later if need be or if you want to announce yourself on the waiting list, then just post a comment here saying “ME”). You will be collected (in order of who signed up first) if someone proves impossible to contact and you will replace them.

So what do you need to do? Everyone has been put into a double elimination tree (viewable HERE). Please organize matches against your opponents ASAP, or contact me on Skype at habib.alhasheed.akhmed for more contact details. I want this tournament to be moving very quickly and expect everyone to at least have done 2 duels after round 1.

How are the duels to be done? The duels are to be up to 5 points, and will NOT be time-based. Please take screenshots of the duel and submit in the comments, using imgur or something.

How are you meant to pick levels? If you guys can agree on a level between you, then that is fantastic. However, I can imagine that proving difficult in some cases; so if that happens please choose one level each and submit both duels separately. Also, you can pick your colour on your opponent’s map choice and vice-versa. Moreover, whoever is higher up on the tournament tree should pick their map first.

What’s in the mappool for JDCE? You are suggested but not limited to these maps if the opponent agrees otherwise;

Epitome [mlynepitome]

Gauntlet [gauntlet]

Hall of the Mountain King [xlmhmk]

Nightwalker [xlmnight]

Superconductor CTF [elmsuper]

Swingin’ Jazz [bbswing]

Technodus Cargo Station [eztcs]

The Astrolabe [ezastro]

Triton Armory [xlmtriton]

Please note that the mappool will NOT change at all this season. This mappool will remain throughout.

Vetoing? Also, in addition, this edition of JDCE will allow you to submit a maximum of ONE ‘veto’ on a level that you would like to not play from the pool. ‘Vetoes’ are valid throughout the entire tournament, however cannot be submitted or changed after your first duel. Please submit your veto as a COMMENT on this post. I will publish those onto the post so it can’t be edited.

How is it scored? Duels for JDCE are ROUND-BASED and not SCORE-BASED. If Player A beats Player B 5-0, then loses 4-5, it’s still a tie and the following will apply:

What if your duel is a tie overall? Then there is a tiebreaker – whereby each player will ban levels 1 by 1 from the mappool until there is 1 left. Whoever has more points on JDC will ban first.

What if you lose? Worry not, you will be placed in the lower bracket! If you lose twice though, you’re out!

What if you can’t do your duel? Post a comment here and inform me of the situation; I will try to help as much as I possibly can. If your duels are late I will probably disqualify in most cases, I do want to keep the tournament moving as efficiently as possible.

Do you submit your duels to JDC? Yes, you must. Please get a screenshot and paste it in the comment of the duel. Also please label your levelname with [JDCE] at the end (on both levels if applicable).

You are officially allowed to start duelling. I wish you all the best of luck, and if I have missed anything out, please don’t hesitate to contact me or post a comment here!


Purplejazz: eztcs

Hyperion: elmsuper

Krzysiek: eztcs

Warren: gauntlet

P-F: xlmnight

KRSplat: xlmtriton

Naps: elmsuper

TicTac: eztcs

CJ: gauntlet

Toni: xlmnight

Master Sven: ezastro

Artegor: xlmnight

Owen: xlmnight

Rew: xlmnight

Lahm: elmsuper


  1. TCS is my veto.

  2. Super is my veto

  3. TCS is my veto.

  4. gauntlet is my veto

  5. veto: nightwalker

  6. veto: Triton Armory

  7. veto: TCS

  8. CeeJay's veto of doom: Gauntlet

  9. nightwalker

  10. veto: The Astrolabe

  11. GL

  12. veto: Nightwalker

  13. veto xlmnight

  14. veto: xlmnight

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