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Season starts tonight

Season starts tonight

Greetings and salutations!

JDC 25 is all set and ready to go. In about 7 hours from now, the opening event will begin. Once it ends, the season will open and you will be able to start submitting your duels and 2on2s.

The opening event, as per an unofficial and often broken tradition, will be CTF. We have, of course, heard that many of you want other events that are something else than classic Battle or CTF - and don't worry, there will be lots of cool stuff coming in the next two weeks.

Also, as if it wasn't obvious already, JDC has a new website (and as of this morning, a new header). I would like to thank Stijn for the time and effort he has put into it - you make web design look easy!

I hope everyone enjoys the incoming season. :)


  1. Who will be the star of this JDC? Good luck to you all!

  2. I won't be!

    Rusty, that I am!

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